There is something strange to this film, something so strange it doesn’t settle with me well. As I watch the credits come in, curtains falling down, it questions my deep-rooted philosophy. Is there a really limited amount of people and new people that are being born are not something fresh but just the pattern of old ones that have been passed away? The concept on which this film gets this question going on is that new people that are being born are following the same pattern of eyes as the old ones that have been passed away and that there is something which just passes on to newer ones and that... Is that real? Can it be true? Does that mean our loved ones don’t really leave us? They're here again? Just at different locations with different faces, colours, names, race, sex, and gender but with the same eye pattern? Is that a discovery? What if it is a felony and we are stopping a natural process that we shouldn’t have known in the first place? I mean, we are not stopping it we just acknowledged the concept right? But still, it feels illegal to just know about it like that. Like a concept, so pure, so magical, so true, so ambient and natural, how can it be known by humanity, how can we discover it and not just pretend we never really knew it.

This movie is firstly, very underrated, flop, low budget. Few that have seen it didn’t like it much. But it’s indeed beautiful in so many ways. Sophie... this name is never going to be some normal name to me now. Her portrayal is deep, some hate her for her character but she gave an edge to the male lead. There is this scene where they get stuck in an elevator that too in the middle of two floors and she gets so scared. He manages to pull himself out and tries to pull her up and the moment he pulls her up out of the elevator, the elevator smashes all the way down. Looks like a big relief, they both panting, breathing heavily by a wall of corridor while she is in his arms. He says, "Sophie... Sophie? Sophie no..", I never heard same name said so many times with this many different emotions and intensity. 

He slides his hands down her waist a bit straightening his back up and sees a bard of blood, and her body down the waist not in place. This is the moment I get Goosebumps and get totally stunned by the performance, screen engagement, more than that, the emotion, it felt like I was there. He panics at first, unable to believe this really happened, sobbing, crying, screaming, "Sophie no..please..". And with phenomenal screen performance comes the scene mastery as they mute the sound while he screams and sobs for her as she rests in his arms forever.

Now comes the tough part, the grief, and anger, him totally isolating himself trying to process a loved one gone forever, not going to work or anything. It's more devastating because he thinks it is his fault as they fought before the accident and blames himself for her death every day that he didn’t even talk to her nicely. When a concerned colleague checks up on him. giving him a reason to move on, he grabs that distraction instantly like he was just waiting for someone to hold his hand and distract him so he stops thinking about her because yes, he loved her so much but now the grief is too heavy to carry and he just can’t take it anymore.

Time passes by, he gets back on track with his life and family and stuff until he discovers some patterns of this discovery. I think I forgot to mention his hobby, he used to click pictures of people’s eyes and has a vast collection by now.

After her death, he abolished everything, his scientific research and all that, and just goes about his life solely on family. So his wife forces him to continue this, as this can be a big discovery they were working on. But he fights back saying, “ I don’t want to go in that part of my life again”. Because going into this can mean interacting with his deep-rooted thoughts about Sophie and that guilt all over again.

She convinces him and he gathers all his courage and takes out the picture of Sophie’s eye and matches it with other samples of some database with his friends and it matches with a girl in India. So , how does this movie ends? I understand that I can’t just narrate an entire movie and its depth in one article, so I think it’s time I wrap it up, in a good way. He found her, the girl with the same eye pattern as Sophie, she is a little girl of around 10 or 11 years and doesn’t look like her at all but she has the same eye pattern as Sophie. He takes her to his hotel room conducting the further study of “ Memory association between two different people with same eye pattern”. 

This study is followed by a simple test of showing the girl three random pictures and her selecting one out of three. The pictures are not really random only two of them are random one is associated with Sophie. But if there is something more than just the eye pattern that is being transferred to her from Sophie, the little girl has a possibility of choosing the picture she feels more drawn to instinctively. So he keeps repeating this test showing her a pair of three-three pictures, and she chooses one and he writes it down and repeats it multiple times. Once it is done, the probability and statistics of the test comes out to be less than 50% which means the test stands still without any result of concerned hypothesis. Meaning there is no association between these people but just the eye pattern according to him because he believes in numbers and statistics and proof.

As the movie comes to an end I wonder, what is the point of this whole stupid movie no wonder it was a big fail. But the movie didn’t just get over there. He walks her out of the hotel back to the slums. They wait for the elevator to come up. As the door opens and he steps in a bit, he notices her not stepping into the elevator with him. He steps out of the elevator, sits by his knees, looking at her asking, "what’s wrong?". And she hugs him tight so scared, sobbing and crying continuously saying "I don’t want to go in there..please ". And he just feels her presence there, it’s her. A person who doesn’t look up to anything without a proof or numbers or statistics, has no proof but he knows in his heart, it’s her. So he grabs her up in his arms keeping her close to himself while she is terrified and walks down the stairs. Sometimes, there are things that just happen, we don’t get to have any proof, but you know in your heart it’s true, don’t underestimate that feeling in your heart.

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