The smell of the books will tell every reader that how much charismatic a sensation it possesses. In our world, each and every person has their own stories which are being connected to different worlds of fantasies, mysteries, and dramas.

Now, if we dive into the pool of literature, maybe even a cruise won't be able to save us from drowning in the succulent and exhilarating wave of stories, poems, dramas it has inside it. Literature is an exemplary example which shows the transition of our world from the stone age to modern civilization and how the language helped people to create their own ways of communication. It is a subject which can enrapture anybody whose mind can travel beyond human imagination just like the black hole which is a mystery till now. The resonating power of a captivating story always creates mayhem in a reader's mind and understanding the beauty and inner meaning of any poem will always lead us to the ultimate truth.

To write a book, of stories or poems, a person needs a wild imagination which will help eliminating them any limits or boundaries clutching a writer within its grasp. Let's talk about one of the Nobel prize holders, Rabindranath Tagore, who implored the whole world and wrote everything in a scrupulous way while sitting at his 'Bari' in Calcutta. Roaming to find new ideas is great but the true essence lies in the experience of a writer and how he can upturn each and every aspect of life whether it be inspired by life or by the situation of that time.

Our India has a myriad number of literature in different languages which proves how rich in culture our country is. Different poets and writers have chosen various topics which had been making a hiatus in their societies during their times whether it be about our independence, feminism, outlandish sets of rules or personalities who once ruled the world. People have maverick thoughts and, literature is a way to circulate them throughout the world. It is a relevant part of our life where different pages of a book lead us to different universes.

Connecting small fragments lead us to the bigger picture. Likewise, different writers of their own genres would make a group of different personalities which may rule the world as well. One of the best fantasy writers, J.K Rowling, who has a miserable life filled with hopelessness and depression, look forward for a golden opportunity to put up with her best book series. This book had literally made the readers to go around the reel cum real world of magic along with a strong sense of the story of an orphaned boy who was hated by his maternal family but loved and trusted boundlessly by his friends and teachers. It provides us with the chills of failures but the tranquility of ultimate win at last. To create a world of fantasy requires articulate and complacent way of writing without any loopholes. Now let’s move to our next genre, let's talk about Dan Brown and Agatha Christie who are some of my favorite writers to create bitter suspense and mysteries. Quite disillusioned but a practical way to solve the mysteries is what attracts the readers to search out more of their stories.

Have you seen a gulmohar tree or roamed around the bazaars of Hyderabad? If "no" then you must read the poem of our “Nightingale of India” Sarojini Naidu who had used such imageries, similes, and metaphors to describe the minute details in her writings that one would be forced to express their love for her poems. They are a wonderful source of our literature depicting the outstanding level of imagination and an excellent way of depicting things.

If we are talking about literature, not discussing about the works of Shakespeare will be a taboo which I never want to happen. He is known as the "Bard of Avon" and is famous for works about life and death, love, murder, comedy, etc. Even I admired his writings and drama, especially in my childhood.

His famous dramas are still part of education system in our country. His writings are so great that even today we can get a glimpse of their works in his original language. Which also adds a cherry to the cake of language as well as literature.

Detective stories are been quite there among the peoples of every generation and when we talk about this genre and not taking the name of Sir Conan Doyle will be injustice many kids were adopted themselves into becoming a detective by those amazing stories of him. How a Dr. friend and the detective solve the insane mysteries and conclude every case at the end, the way it holds the reader's mind is amazing. No child is there who likes detective’s stories had not read any one of his books and I think that today's detective also read it to get some new ideas of solving a case easily.

So, they were some of the writers who I personally envisage as my idol in writing. Yes, there are many other poets and writers who can be your favorite as well but ultimately all the people in this world is connected to each other with literature. Whenever we find the person reading novels or loving genres the same as us, it makes us elated and shares a common bond with each other.

Literature has variety of forms included in it. We choose a genre according to our aesthetics and try to venture into it where we can come across multi varieties of ideas that a single genre can hold.

It is a form of art no different from other art forms which show us the uniqueness of a particular step. Those people involved in reading and expressing themselves by writing have their own way explaining every situation which is different from others. Probing into the deepness of the subject will make you realize that how much distinct a person's behavior can be.

Literature is basically different from history or any other subject because it connects ourselves to the truth of our lives. There are many authors who devoted themselves to find the ultimate truth of life. These works are the most valuable things a person can find to fill themselves with.

Literature writers had come and gone and will come and go but the works they had created is like treasures and everyone ought to keep them safe and forward it to the next generation not just in paper or digital forms but also in the minds and hearts of the people and no boundaries of languages or set rules should bide them to do this.

“Money is valuable but knowledge is something which no money can buy from you until you wish for it. 

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