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First thing first let me introduce myself and let me give you a little describe why I choose to write about the bamboos. So my name is Doll Debbarma I am from Tripura which is located in Northeast India. It's a very small state but at the same time very beautiful. In India, most people know the northeast as the "Seven Sisters". The seven sisters are very unique in their own way. Anyway, it's not my topic of discussion. My main topic of discussion is bamboos. Bamboo is the main source of the Tripuri people. We use these bamboos in so many ways we even can't describe them. It's very useful in all ways. In Tripura culture, we believe Bamboo is pure just like water. 

Whenever we do some pujas we use bamboos even in our marriage preparation. Before we get married we have to do some pujas with bamboos and all even at the funeral too. Anyway, why did I choose this bamboo as an art form there is a reason too. With this bamboo we make so many things as for example we make houses with these bamboos, jewelry, sitting couch, wall lamp, bottles, paintings, fruit baskets, etc. We Tripuri people even ear bamboos, in cooking it's called bamboo shoots it's one of the famous cooking in Tripura. If whoever visit Tripura but didn't taste bamboo shoots then this person miss the best thing during the visit to Tripura.

Anyway now to the main discussion of how Tripuri people use bamboo as an art form. Many and many years ago when Tripura people didn't even taste the civilization from that moment they start using the bamboos. Because in that time they don't have anything with them to use and make it useful in daily day to day life. But at that time people don't know how to make bamboo more useful in different ways. At that time they only know to make a bamboo house, do some puja rituals with that bamboos, make combs, sitting couch, and make big baskets where they keep all their rice when they cut that crops from the field. 

Source: Xuan Duong from Pixabay 

But when people learn about more of these bamboo crafts they make more new products with these bamboo. Then some people start making it a business. So the first person who presented the bamboos at the business level. His name is Late Gauranga Das who was awarded a national award for making new bamboos craft who have never thought it's existed until he make one of them. He was a talented craftsman. He even teaches some of his students to make these crafts. From that day onwards new ideas came up and now we see lots of things which they created from bamboos. Slowly slowly they make some portraits with the help of bamboos, starting from portraits to flower base, fruit basket, ever cooking essential, shoes too. Whenever an exhibition happens in Tripura there has to be a bamboo art crafts exhibition stall must. Because people love to see this type of unique thing which is created by only Tripura people's hands without getting help from any electronics. Even there is an exhibition that happened last time at the Agartala, children park in that exhibition there is a bamboo stall too. 

Where all the crafts were available like if you want to decorate your home only on with eco friendly then use can use the bamboo art and crafts. Because it won't affect nature too. The environment is also good, using these bamboos in the home gives us a positive vibe too.

It's about last year there is an exhibition which happen in our university even our CM was present that day, to inaugurate this exhibition. I was almost there all of the exhibition but I never saw bamboo jewelry but this is the first time for me to experience this jewelry. I can't even think that with bamboo we can make jewelry too. It was totally new for me to accept. If anyone will tell me today without giving me prove I will definitely not going to believe that this also exists. I mean how people can be so creative and intelligent that they make these things. So it's my personal experience. 

Source: Xuan Duong from Pixabay 

So I want to show the world that these types of unique things also exist.  And not long ago Tripura people sell a bamboo bottle that is totally eco-friendly. In that container, water will be preserved fresh and pure. Just like I told we believe bamboo is pure in our Tripuri tradition.

So that's all I guess. So in my point of view bamboo is the main art form in Tripura which still is. The crafts and art forms are fabulous. So I just want to know the whole world from my article that with bamboo we can create so many things without using plastic all the time and make our world eco friendly. That's why I use the word Tripura people Proud (The bamboos).

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