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The caption is not just to entice the reader but also a chance to see society through my intuition. I am not going to speak of any particular faction or community as I never say about women authorization or man empowerment rather I constantly try to say empower the weaker section. When we use the term weaker, we encompass the people who are suffering the turmoil and it includes children, women, and men who are suffering in society, who are vulnerable in society.

If we see the stats, we can see a substantial fraction of females in the society has ceased to function to show superiority and are weaker in the society unlike Kiran Mazumdar shaw, Devita Saraf, Vani Kola, and many more who have shown their sovereignty. Here are different types of violence encountered by them in our society like bodily violence, sexual violence, emotional chaos, and economic violence. The government has taken some strides for the interest of women like incentives and scholarships, a Mother and child tracking system, and many more.

Now if we go through some crimes against children and see the stats of 2006 – 2016, the infraction against children has been increased from 18,967 to 1,06,958 where 49 % is abduction, 18 % rape, 11 % assault to the modesty of girl child and we have a distinct ordinance to handle this such as the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006, the Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act 1986, the POCSO Act 2012 and many more.

Before I honor some violence against males, I want to discuss some sections of laws like section 354A to 354D of Indian penal code 1860 which states that only a woman can be the victim of the offenses as stated in this section and man would-be perpetrator. The protection of domestic violence Act 2005 itself states that it is an act favoring women who have allegedly been subjected to domestic violence. Even though the court is trying to comprehend the transgression against men then also the criminal law amendment bill 2019, which is still pending to make the crime of rape gender-neutral. Nowadays there is a lot of case against men by women which we can say is the mishandling of the law. Everyone should be treated equally in society and there should not be gender biases in the name of gender equality.

So before we look into the causes I want to quote a line:

The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who do not do anything about it.

This line matches my views. I reckon that all this violence in society is due to the tolerance and negotiation for violence against children and women and the unacceptance of problems faced by men. At last, I want to say that the rise in the number of violence might indicate that the weak section has been exposed to people with violent characters. It's high time that society should realize the dignity of weak people and unite them to fight against violence.

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