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Life is an art and God is the greatest artist. Having said that there are many forms of art that we human beings have invented, nurtured, and mastered. Apart from the popular forms of art like music and dance, writing occupies an important place too. It is a great and powerful vehicle of expression. The daily happenings, emotions, etc can be conveyed through this form of art. It gives great satisfaction to the writer to express in words his thoughts and feelings. The power of writing is unfathomable. It requires a creative mind to pour out its imagination in the form of words. 

The writer draws on his intuition and perspective of a subject and then conveys them in the form of writing. It can be classified into many genres. While there is a serious category like philosophy, spiritual teachings, etc there is a lighter version also like comedy, romance, and thriller. Any form of writing cannot be considered art eg: technical, news, textbooks, and articles of the constitution, etc. Journalism is a form of structured art and it requires calibre to present articles punctuated with idioms, phrases, similes, arresting captions all of which appeals to the reader. Such presentations motivate even a disinterested reader to read the piece. Writing can make or mar a situation depending on the way it is presented. The appeal of writing can enhance a situation by the use of flowery language laced with appropriate words. The same can be marred by the use of negative comments. The best example of this form of writing can be found in the critical appreciation of a film by a film journalist on which the film's fate hangs. Freelancing is another interesting form of art which people indulge in.

I am a freelancer and enjoy it. Writing is a passion which I developed during my school days. My father was a great motivation in this sphere. He was a regular journal writer who meticulously noted down important events and jotted down daily events. He was also a voracious reader and read the newspaper in detail and would skip the sports page as he was not interested in sports. I and my siblings would eagerly await our turn to read the newspaper. He would insist that we read the editorial which would be written in a lucid manner and refined language. It is thus that I developed an interest in writing and my first contribution was to the house magazine of my office. I gradually started writing letters to the editor of newspapers on topical issues. I have also contributed to magazines like Dignity Dialogue and Senior Citizens magazine. I am also a blogger. I love writing and it's my hobby. When I am in a good mood or feeling down I find solace in writing which is therapeutic.

In synopsis, it is pertinents to mention that with the advent of computers and its variants the passion for writing is slowly witling down. It is a sad commentary to note that the introduction of electronic gadgets at a very early stage in schools has taken a lot away from writing. It has made life easy but lazy.

In view of this efforts should be made to motivate kids to indulge in writing by offering them incentives and holding regular writing competitions. It will enable them to build a strong future.

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