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Notice how when you are stuck somewhere, waiting or sitting idle with a pen? Chances are you’ll start doodling. Scribbled shapes will grow faces and legs, a plain border gets filled with designs or mandalas. Wait for some time and the whole thing turns into a scribbled piece.

Doodling is an art form that can be defined as an absent-minded scribble of shapes, patterns, letters produced in an idle moment when the mind of a doodler is busy somewhere else. It's surprising how creative we can be without even trying. They take shape on their own as if they have their own life. So you may suddenly find a simple circle turned into a sun with pointed rays surrounding it. Everyone knows children love to draw. But some people believe they’re too old for these child-like activities. The idea of making superhero or princess drawings seems above them. However, ideologies about drawing and doodling stand at a crossroads. People who are now discovering doodle art have some interesting experiences. It's a great way to brainstorm an idea or a solution. According to them, doodling cleans the room in their mind and makes way for “AHA” moments. It takes no skill, just the desire, and implementation.

Earlier, some people perceived doodling as meaningless and distracting, however, researchers suggest it increases attention and concentration. Some may think doodle art is kiddish or it means you’re not paying attention (in reality it’s just the opposite!). The truth is it gives you an unobstructed view into your mind. If you observe the Google website, we find new doodles around its logo every day. These doodles are related to festivals, special occasions, etc. They don't appear magically, In fact, Google has a whole team of doodlers. Isn’t it cool?

In fact, you would be surprised how many influential historical figures filled the margins for historical manuscripts with doodles of that time.

In today’s time, people are more overwhelmed than ever because of abundant information everywhere which most of the time leads to stress. Doodling not only has a calming effect but makes it easier to process information in a creative way. You know the best part is you don't have to be an artist to be able to doodle. Even people in analytical jobs doodle because in a way simplifies complex information.

I believe it's a way of expressing your heart in the form of illustrations. Some people confuse it with calligraphy but it isn’t even close to it. Calligraphy is a very sophisticated, disciplined way of art in which letters are beautified using various pens and inks. While doodle art is an expression of unconscious creativity in a free flow of ideas.

Sunni Brown in her book, The Doodle Revolution says,

“There’s a legitimate reason why doodles show up in the notebooks of our most celebrated thinkers, scientists, writers, and innovators. And, surprise, it has nothing to do with sitting idle. The evidence suggests that what’s really happening is that the doodler is engaging in deep and necessary information processing. A doodler is connecting neurological pathways with previously disconnected ones. A doodler is concentrating intently, sifting through information consciously and otherwise, and - much more often than we realize - generating massive insights.”

One of the strangest things about the doodle art form no one tells us is that you can predict a lot about someone by looking at their doodles. It's just like pieces of a map showing personality and how someone’s mind works. Every doodle is like a mysterious passage to your psyche. For example- circles indicate loving and honest nature, boxes and cubes show hard-working behavior. If doodling is done on the left side of the page, the doodler is likely an introspective person who reflects inside his mind a lot. Sounds unreal right? However, at the end of the day, how you draw is unique as your fingerprint.

Speaking of doodling illustrations, from graphic novels to Marvel movies originated from doodle art. A number of successful careers in graphic illustrations started with a doodle. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube are also showing the wave of budding doodlers. Every creator is coming out of their unique ones. Some of them even have names and are on the way to becoming the next popular brands. For example- Neha Doodles is one of India's well-known doodlers. The audience not only loves her work but also is very well connected with the characters she has made. Her series “Aaj Ki Sachi Ghatna” and “Minty” have been a delight for every doodle lover. In a way, doodling has allowed the artists to transcend their boundaries and create an entirely new world.

Source: khairul nizam from Pexels 

Doodle art may look puzzling sometimes full of weird text and bizarre images or even make no sense, just like dreams. In dreams, our issues and directions are represented in a symbolic way. Similarly, doodling is the pattern of thoughts that have taken shapes. Thoughts that we sometimes try to hide or disguise, escape through this art when our guard is down.

For those who say doodling isn’t an art, maybe they don’t get it (for now!). No matter what kind, art is creative self-expression. Just like million-dollar ideas which were first written on napkins or post-it notes. Doodle art triggers the expression of thoughts and insights that are not usually possible with words. Many believe it to be a powerful tool. One can not only process complex ideas but increase cognition alongside. Sounds almost unbelievable, an art form like doodling improves the psychological resilience of the brain.

Maybe we all should do a bit more doodling. Give it a try?

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