Source: Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

Out of all the milestones, difficulties, lessons, 
 whatever u wanna call it - 
 This was the hardest one,
In the past I- I did struggle,
I even gave up
But then it got boring…
giving up was boring,
And I wanted to face what I had pretended to ignore,
but was always there in a corner of my mind,
In the process of Digging up a hole,
I might fail or I might not,
I might move a step ahead or I might fall -
These thoughts up in my mind
All I needed was a little time
To find the courage and fight
We all at some point in our lives face some or the other kind of adversity
To know that we will go past it,
To know that we will grow stronger,
To know that the sun sets every night,
But to also know that every day it does rise

.    .    .