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Synopses IN ME is a 3 part poetry collection written by me (kial) in 2022. 

The frequent use of spoken word poetry helped to bring across a certain level of heaviness to the words. The 1st part of these collections "WHAT HAPPENED" talks about this situation faced by a family of 3(a mother, a father, and their child) we will see 3 points of views "them" "child" and "mother". We see what's being told by others, we see what was wrong, and we see how it ended. 

 The 2nd part of the collection called "facing adversities" Is a follow-up to the first part. It talks about how bravery and the right mindset can help you face adversities. This poem is directed toward the readers, trying to speak to them. 

 The 3rd part of this collection titled "U CAN DO IT" speaks about the battles with low self-esteem, anxiety, perfectionism, fear of failure, etc. This piece sort of aims at restoring faith in yourself, believing in yourself, and not being afraid of the next step.



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Them You were a child u were a kid, 
 There was nothing u'd understand, Not the troubles of those "big", Not the disappearance of those rings,
From the fingers of your dad and mom, 
You were so small Child-
Where is he, how is he, is he home, is he safe,
Did he drink, oh he broke our promise again? 
It's late - very dark he isn't back, 
Did you check for his car? 
She Should look for you, 
you Must not be too far 
An adult pair of bare feet running followed by mine -
Watching her move so fast thinking of which turn to take, 
Which left or which right, 
Would lead to which you in what fight, 
Were you drunk and were you high, 
So you weren't at work? Dad why'd you lie 
Mom -
Oh I see blood and a broken wrist,
I see that rage, you threw a fist
It's getting too repetitive, clothes torn, glass on the floor 
This is enough I can't take it anymore


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Out of all the milestones, difficulties, lessons, 
whatever u wanna call it - 
This was the hardest one 
In the past I- I did struggle
I even gave up 
But then it got boring… 
giving up was boring 
And I wanted to face what I had pretended to ignore, 
but was always there in a corner of my mind, 
In the process of Digging up a hole,
I might fail or I might not, 
I might move a step ahead or Ii might fall- 
These thoughts up in my mind ,
All I needed was a little time,
To find the courage and fight 
We all at some point in our lives face some or the other kind of adversity ,
To know that we will go past it, 
To know that we will grow stronger, 
To know that the sun sets every night,
But to also know that every day it does rise


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The thought of failing despite of giving your best? 
 The rushed heart beats, the anxiety, The fear, the shortening of breath? 
 A step ahead he said, 
 Changed a life, 
 One more time,
 A step ahead he said, 
 how big how small is irrelevant,
 Just a step ahead he said, 
 Been hard isn't it? U want it felt ? U want it known? Present it 
 What u faced from 10 yrs ago could help make something so Pleasant and, 
 If creativity was ur heredity and art was ur heart,
 Where would u be in this world, Where what u make what u mold
 Was something so pure u'd wanna hold, 
 Take a step ahead he said
 And- So she did,
 She could not believe 
It felt like lucid dream
 Once just once give a hundred percent And see what that does where that brings how that feel s 
A step ahead.. She went 
 Didn't know what faith meant
 The direction? the end? 
 But wait
 Her eyes had stars 
 No more iron iron bars 
Free, She said my god
 Change nothing no more
 A step ahead lied the magic door!

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