Source: Reinhart Julian on Unsplash

 The thought of failing despite of giving your best? 
The rushed heart beats, the anxiety, The fear, the shortening of breath? 
A step ahead he said, 
Changed a life,
One more time, 
A step ahead he said, 
how big how small is irrelevant,
Just a step ahead he said, 
Been hard isn't it? U want it felt ? U want it known? Present it 
What u faced from 10 yrs ago could help make something so Pleasant and,
If creativity was ur heredity and art was ur heart,
Where would u be in this world, Where what u make what u mold,
Was something so pure u'd wanna hold,
Take a step ahead he said
So she did, 
She could not believe,
It felt like lucid dream,
Once just once give a hundred percent And see what that does, where that brings how that feels ,
A step ahead.. She went
Didn't know what faith meant,
The direction? the end? 
But wait
Her eyes had stars
No more iron iron bars 
She said my god
Change nothing no more 
A step ahead lied the magic door

.    .    .