Source:  Pexels

You were a child u were a kid,
There was nothing u'd understand,
Not the troubles of those "big",
Not the disappearance of those rings,
From the fingers of your dad and mom,
You were so small
Where is he, how is he, is he home, is he safe,
Did he drink, oh he broke our promise again?
It's late - very dark he isn't back,
Did you check for his car?
She Should look for you,
you Must not be too far
An adult pair of bare feet running followed by mine -
Watching her move so fast thinking of which turn to take,
Which left or which right,
Would lead to which you in what fight,
Were you drunk and were you high,
So you weren't at work? Dad why'd you lie
Oh I see blood and a broken wrist
I see that rage, you threw a fist
It's getting too repetitive, clothes torn,
glass on the floor
This is enough I can't take it anymore,

.    .    .