Source: Annette Jones from Pixabay 

Let us be more humane,
And realise, war is a curse, bane,
To be avoided at any cost,
As it always extracts a heavy cost --
In terms of values, innocent lives,
Public properties, one may connive. 

Sabotage, killings, brutality,
Always Truth is the first casualty ! 

We should better evolve,
War hardly ever solves,
Any dispute, problem,
Only suppresses, suspends them,
For a while, leaving deep scars,
Vanquished have a feeling,
They were not treated at par,
Maybe preparing the ground
For yet inconsequential war. 

Co-operate with each other
And peacefully co-exist,
Ego, lust, jealousy resist,
Discuss mutual problems,
Jointly try to solve them,
Fight natural calamities,
Provide for basic necessities. 

Make a firm resolution,
Peace, not confrontation,
Offers lasting solutions. 

Sometimes war is not a choice,
It becomes a compulsion,
How to avoid such a situation --
It is, for all, really a big question ! 

When talks fail, gun powder smells,
Life of a nation becomes a hell. 

Liberty, fraternity, equality,
Rationality, humanity -
Are mere words
Unless we put down our swords. 

.    .    .