Poetry was an elusive beauty to me; a worldly concept that I felt inept to touch, to dwell into. The words, strung together so aesthetically, breathing life and passion into the lines that sculptured a poem was a matter of amazement to me. Always in awe of poets, who bled their hearts in their masterpieces, I also envied them for I neither knew how to write a poem, nor was able to understand one. As a writer, I often wanted to try my hand in poetry. I had utmost respect for poets for I was too dense about poems and reading one made me feel inadequate, ultimately making me turn away from poetry.

And then, along came she.

Eyes, with a depth akin to an ocean, shone with unfulfilled dreams. A smile, with a touch of heaven on her lips, disguised numerous stories that once haunted her. A laugh that could show you a glimpse of paradise on earth, that could tease your soul. But a heart of a poet, of a true artist, that beat to the lyrics of her own song. It was one thing to know her, even her whole life, but her soul craved for someone who understood her, someone who would make her feel vulnerable, but safe. The little girl within her longed for someone who would take her in their arms and whisper softly to her, “It’s okay, I am here. Let me in.” She was an incomplete puzzle, waiting for her missing piece to come along and fit perfectly with hers. What she didn’t know was that somewhere out in the world, there was someone holding the missing piece of her heart and she was holding theirs.

And one day, the missing pieces finally came together when the stars were aligned and the universe smiled, bringing them into each other’s lives.

The silvery halo hung in the sky;
her heart, always lamenting for her beloved.
That night, she was kissed with a smile though;
as she fell in love with us.
The awning cloth, reflecting dark shades of the night,
with the moon being the only source of light.
the ocean, holding up a mirror to the midnight sky;
all became a blur to me.
Fingers running up and down her spine,
I couldn’t look away for I saw the universe in front of me.
Sleeping so peacefully in my arms,
I smiled, my heart beating faster with terror and happiness.
She snuggled closer,
my hold around her grew tighter.
Her head on my chest,
listening to my heart beat for her, she smiled.
For she knew,
I was in love with her.

I never knew how to write poetry, nor to decipher them. For me, it was an admirable, but a far-fetched concept. But when I found her, I realized poetry wasn’t so tough after all. I didn’t have to look for exceptional meanings behind the words penned by the poets, I didn’t need to give myself a headache trying to figure out what the lines truly meant, especially when they didn’t make sense to me. Because poetry is everywhere. My heart was just waiting for my muse, my inspiration.

And then, along came she. 

.    .    .