Weight loss is not a race, it’s a journey! 

When we embark on a weight loss journey, naturally you want to lose lots of weight, and you want to lose it now! I hate you break it you, it’s not possible and even if you somehow manage to do it, it’s highly unhealthy and not recommended in the long run!

Weight loss requires smart choices and patience, and if you’re about to begin your slim-down journey, removing misconceptions is a must. So, here are my top 4 weight loss myths you need to stop believing in now!

1. You can’t spot reduce fat: 

Are you one of those people trying to get abs in 2 weeks?! I’ve got bad news, you can’t. Weight loss is holistic and can only be reduced overall. Yes, you lose weight when you eat right and incorporate exercise but there’s no telling from where those inches might shed, it could be your thigh or even your chin! But targeted exercises are not all that useless they do tone muscles, which later translate into great-looking body chunks once you lose that overall weight.

2. Drastically cutting calories equals quicker weight loss: 

I know for a fact that each one of us has at least once thought that going on a low-calorie diet is the best solution for rapid and noticeable weight loss, I can assure you that it’s not rather, any crash diet is just a set up for failure. Under-fuelling is as risky as over-fuelling says, Carolyn Brown. It deprives you of valuable calories and macronutrients that are the need of your body. Instead of cutting back on calories which, leads to dropping in your metabolic rates, stick to a balanced calorie intake according to your nutritional and age-related requirements.

3. Fad diet foods can help you reduce weight: 

Often, products marketed as diet foods like low fat, fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free are actually junk foods in disguise. I know they sound like your best weight loss companion and you feel they are the best of both worlds; taste and weight maintenance but the truth of the matter is these foods are heavily processed and may harbor hidden ingredients.

4. You’ll see results immediately: 

You’re doing it all, loading up on healthy nutritious food, ditching processed food, lean meats, getting great health advice, and yet you haven’t seen the scale budge, This is because the human body is not all calories in and calories out it’s far more complicated than that, we each have a different set of metabolic rates, hormones, physical and mental factors. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen for you, stop expecting to see results the minute you start eating that salad, stay focused and give yourself time.

Ultimately weight loss comes down to patience and consistency, stick to your roots and what works best for your body, It will happen for you, trust the process and focus on becoming healthier and not thinner.

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