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Making the right to property, a legal right removes a moral obligation from the state to provide property to all also housing for all, without housing for all universalisation of electricity isn't possible. Electricity is the fulcrum for development in this 21st century, without universal access to electricity India's aim to become a digitised country will be like beating the bush, it's nearly impossible to make a huge development in space technology, artificial intelligence, e-governance, data science, digitisation, etc, as these are important for removing corruption, easy access for justice, and to be a dominating world power.

If India wants to develop and wants its youth to contribute to development. India needs to provide universal access to electricity and shouldn't be debarred its youth from such necessary resources. As the supreme court held that the constitutional provision has ensured that the Right to life includes the Right to livelihood in this sense - Electricity supply is an essential requirement of fundamental rights as also the Right to property as a legal right is also the biggest hurdle in implementation of Right to life. 

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