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Laws, a term defining and setting boundaries for justice and equilibrium of society. But, what if the laws are prejudiced or being used for someone's personal gain?

Peep inside your soul and asked from your heart, "Are you really libersome from pseudonyms or caged within hollow credences?".

Why laws for one are demarcated with laws of another? Well, we never beseeched all these questions, letting the world define our shackles. Did god ever confine us within any walls?

Look at the beaming sky, it didn't stop your flight of dreams irrespective of your status and standard. The drizzling drops falling on your skin dissolves within yourself without knowing your bona fide identity. The sun brightening your life with rays of hope neither restricts anyone nor it leaves them in darkness demolished. Water quenching the thirst of all is unaware of your religion or caste.

The selficious pride pendent on your shoulders is nothing, for your acts are laying your path to the ladder of senescence, leading to salvation. 

We are connated through the same womb of mother earth and would emberish in the same dust. Then, why the alienation?

In schools, moral values are being taught to the children, yet the society we are living in is opposing the same values!

We say, our great India. Indeed, India is great! For there is unity in diversity here. Well, now that unity is no longer united, instead divided among hollow credences through political riots based on religion, cast, inequality, biases etc.

Rather our universe is the greatest. You couldn't even endeavour to cut through it even with your hands piling together for sin. The caloscence of each atom constituted the nitty-gritty of our cosmos. No guts of you would surpass it.

This reminds me of the tremendous question raised from movie "PK" of Amir Khan,

"Where is the imprinted birth mark on your body representative of your religion, caste, dynasty, etc".

Is there any?

None! Do you have it? If not, then muse over the tyrant reality.

A person is bonded with different relationships and identified with varied endearing names, but do they change you?

Nay, they shape you!

Similarly, lord is incarnated through different forms, hues, names and shapes etc. Lord is one and we are his part, his child, his omnipotent soul. We are not different but one with him!

How can lord be yours or mine? He is neither yours nor mine, for he is not an object to attain ownership or possession.

No! Not at all!

Rather, he is the supreme, the almighty doer and creator of all. He is the truth, the bliss, the consciousness in every being. Still, we are tearing apart his love with every abhorrent heartbreaking piece of yours.

We must break our heart for the people, standing by the people and praying for the tranquility of people.

Our laws should govern ownership over nothing and freedom from all the biased divisions. Make your heart, your mind and yourself democratic and libersome for the people, of the people and by the people.

Is this really worth all the bloodbath of your brothers and sisters. When lord never restricted you from his gifts so who are we to question his uniqueness in every being and tether them under the boundary of prejudices?

No one! We are nobody against lord! 

The freedom is birth right of everyone granted by lord! Stymie snatching it!

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