Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay 

They might not have a mouth to vent it out, but they are living beings too. In fact, they are living beings who help each one of us when no one else does.

They are creatures which need to be taken care of the most.

According to my point of view, animals make the world around us seem spectacular, that is their beauty. Without them on this planet, human beings have no food to feed on. They help you survive and live life happily.

Humanity is definitely failing each day.

Even though they are suffering and dying from the inside, they never try to harm anyone.

Animal safety is a very important aspect and my heart bleeds when an animal is harmed.

These innocent creatures need justice for sure.

This act is no less than murder or rape of another human.

Moreover, these animals always saved us despite the humans harming them.

I always feel that we, human beings must learn a lot from them: we must learn to care, save other lives, and many such things. Nobody else will comprehend the strength of my love for you. Above all, you are the only one who knows what my heart feels like from the inside.

Across Africa, elephants gave a very strong significance to their culture.

All across the continent, they are very important species, they are tour guides as well.

They are species that are highly intelligent.

They also entertain each one of us.

Not only elephants, each animal that exists on the planet is of great value and each animal contributes a lot, but finally, we accept everything from them but in return, we are hurting them.

The only thing I would like to say is that each animal should be loved abundantly and it must be given utmost care.

Our ecosystem is incomplete without these stupendous creatures, it is astonishing only when these caring creatures are in the ecosystem.


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