Source: Timon Studler on Unsplash

All of us have fun and play holi with colours,

And our soldiers play it with their guns and rifles.

Keeping their own life at risk,

they give us a comfortable life.

Honestly speaking, a soldier is never sure of his life,

And he has no idea if he will ever meet his son, daughter and wife.

Hats off to these spectacular souls and a huge salute,

Is nothing compared to a soldier, his hardwork,his life and sacrifice.

Apart from a soldier, his family also comprises, children sometimes starve to spend time with their father, mother's sometimes do not even get to see the dead body of their only son

And I have no words to express the love of a wife,

Her sacrifices are of invaluable worth.

After all his compromises for our motherland, a soldier must be remembered forever but unfortunately, he is just remembered for a month or two after his death,

This completely saddens me and makes my heart bleed, media is told to stay away too.

I am just here to say that each and every soldier in the Indian army is loved abundantly.

The nation is strong and proud only because of all the soldiers in the Indian army!!

All of us love you, respect you and we are ready to sacrifice anything for you and for our motherland's welfare.


.     .    .