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Why are school memories so haunting? Why can I not forget you Reqelford? Why do I remember my friends every day??

The school was not always about studies, it was always about friends. Dear school bench, do you miss me like I do every second?? Sometimes the value of anything, be it a moment, school, school friends, etc. is not realized until it becomes a memory.

All the memories experienced in this beautiful place have twined us and those memories are pinching us. This school- A temple of my learning is the place of friendships. You might be going for miles and miles away from me my dear friend but little do you know that you are deep down in my memories. So now is the time to cherish all those memories with our eyes filled with tears and a hope that we all will meet again soon.

Refis days!! I had many good memories but yeah a few bitter ones as well but when it comes to its atmosphere( the surroundings) and the people it introduced me to, it's the best!!!

I had an astounding experience throughout the 5 years.
From having one friend to the whole class becoming too close.
From having fights with my best friends to sorting them out together and understanding each other.
From our morning wishes and shake hands to tears in all our eyes.
From having best friends only from my class to making friends from CBSE and having farewell with all of them.


From just helping my classmates to helping everybody including CBSE students.
From laughing and having memories with one person to having them and laughing heartfully with everybody.
From staying quiet to helping Aashrit and doing all his house duty.
From the most boring days to life's best and most memorable days.
From combined studies in the Library to passing the boards by cheating!
From passing books, filling many water bottles at once, helping one another, consoling one another, going to the washroom together, and just roaming in the corridors to love and crushes to unforgettable memories.
From being the most studious kid to joining the naughtiest gang.
From sitting quietly and innocently in class to exchanging watches and chocolates.
From sitting in class like good students to roaming all the corridors.
From playing in the ground and making memories to missing that ground.
From those boring morning assemblies to our last annual day, independence day, etc. together.
From carrying phones and secretly taking photos and getting caught to missing every single place in the school.
From playing UNO in the bus and having fights between my juniors to playing UNO just with the seniors to becoming close with enemies as well to missing the school bus.
From refesta and reqscientifica to waiting to go to school and watching all our juniors experiments and waiting to eat in refesta and enjoy.
From those long field trip journeys to waiting when to go to another one and have masti with the old gang.
From passing millions of smiles to passing uncontrollable tears on our farewell.
An unforgettable place!!
Miss you all so so much, the place and the best teachers!!

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