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I am in my adulthood so by reviving my life I noticed so many things like the traumas happening with me. What is the reason behind that I felt irritated so easily I am vulnerable, furious, and weirdo type of personality I have? In my last teen years I was a victim of anxiety and depression but at times I didn't know that fact like there is any disease like that ...when Sushant Singh Rajput died of suicide and news came out I searched those words anxiety and depression and I get to learn about that  I am not okay and I don't even know that fact..

I tried hard to change my behavior change myself but nothing happened so I tried to find the reason why I have a personality like that. I have millions of dreams but they are shattered, I have low self-esteem and low self-confidence what is the reason behind that why I am like that I don't even know how to smile and that's why I don't have friends too. I get irritated, infuriated so easily that's why no one likes me then in my last teen year 19, I tried to find out why is it so?

I get the answer and the answer was the toxic environment I lived in my family, relative to the environment in which I grew up. Since childhood was toxic, I grew up seeing domestic violence, and so many childhood traumas which are responsible for my current behaviour. I have seen so many things in my childhood days. We had a quarrel in our house and I felt suffocated, frustrated with that I grew up seeing those traumas which result in making me deal with so many issues I am facing right now, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and so on. My parents love me a lot but they are possessive too. My father never left us alone. They go everywhere we go, they don't let us handle things on our own whenever we go alone from home, they don't let us go anywhere, they are very possessive since our childhood also and today also they never have our private space. They call it love but that is not love. Putting your choices and decisions on your child, being toxic to them is not good parenting.

They pampered us a lot since childhood but they are possessive and toxic, which results in making us scared and irritated type of person who is not liked by anyone we can't handle anything. Now when any problem came in my life I felt vulnerable, I can't handle them and the reason is bad parenting they don't let us handle things on our own... So  It's my huge urge to all the parents reading this and the future parents too... Don't let your child be a liability to someone. Make them free to let them take their decisions by themselves, making their choices, they may be wrong but they will learn from their mistakes... I don't know English but I want to share everything with anyone I don't get any platform so I just shared it because it was suffocating me.

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