Originated from England, all of us know that the sport at every lip is Cricket. Everyone, either it be a kid or an adult or an oldie. When it comes to cricket matches, they breathe heavily. Nowadays, people are also emotionally attached to the game. The original Cricket in the ’80s is a lot different from the Cricket played after 2014. People highly expect something that the players on the field should act according to how they want them to play. Although I am too young that I wasn’t born when Sir Kapil Dev and Sir Vivian Richards used to play but I’ve watched many of their matches and now I really feel that, that was the real Cricket whereas today what is being played is no lesser than the Stock Market.

People nowadays have become such money-minded that apart from their original occupation, they find out ways to earn money from every possible corner they can. But why wouldn’t they? Today Money is the need of an hour. Out of various sources, one source is Cricket. In modern times, playing Cricket is majorly presumed as betting on it rather than playing the original game. Various matches in all formats such as World Cups, T20’s, Asia Cup, Champion Trophy, IPL, PSL, Test Championships, Ashes Series, and what not. People bet on any of their favorite teams and they end in either losing or winning their money. They are not concerned with the original fun of how we in our days used to blast with joy if any batsman hit a six or any bowler grabbed a wicket. People these days should understand that the real joy of the game lies in watching it and enjoying it with your family or friends rather than regretting playing on either of the teams. The day people understand this fact, The old original Cricket will surely return.

Moreover on the other hand if we look at the players who are actually playing the game. I’m totally speechless about what to comment on them. Many times I have seen that Cricketers are worshipped like gods and goddesses. Many people blindly follow some cricketers irrespective of considering various other factors. But on the other hand, these players totally don’t care about the sentiments of these people. They think they are also there to print currency notes. Actually, they’re selected out of a whole lot crowd as placed there as a representative of the country but they simply find ways and means to earn money shamelessly there also. To be honest, the last cricket match I heartily enjoyed was the World Cup 2011. No doubt the Board pays them heavily and even the government. But we all know about a unique characteristic of Human beings i.e., Being Greedy. We can’t settle for less. Why not grab more if available irrespective of any cost in return. This fact can’t be generalized for every cricketer. There might be some who are truly honest to the nation and are in the team really to play passionately. But they might be fistful.

On the other hand, there is a completely third party who only earns by promoting speculation. They always keep the betting parties on top of the world so that the parties keep on betting high amounts. They don’t care whether the person wins or loses. They get their commission in high denominations. Are you a Stock Exchange? Then why do you keep promoting two parties to bet on the game? Come on Man! That is not what is expected. The real joy of watching the sport lies beyond money. This is to be understood humbly.

In the end, I would just like to conclude by saying that while enjoying watching Cricket as a sport, monetary consideration should be kept aside. In the olden times, people used to gather at a place just to watch matches. They just gathered and enjoyed the way the game was played. Also in those times, Cricketers played passionately and not just for the sake of earning. If in today’s world, people who keep betting on teams and be confused all the time worrying about their money neither enjoy the match nor get to earn anything. Hence, this practice should be stopped so as to bring the Golden Era of Cricket back.

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