Source: Karina Tess on Unsplash

We all have seen the dark side of nature in this pandemic. There was no moment when we were not involved in the destruction news. Thousands of people died of the virus while many lost their dwellings in the storms. There has been innumerable destruction in the last two years. But if we curse nature for this destruction, we question her why you did it; then first, we must in the first place ask ourselves this question.

Humans are regarded as the most evolved species of all the entities. Even though humans are the most developed species, this doesn’t count in being the most civilized. To be civilized means to be conscious and considerate about one’s surroundings. But observing today’s conditions, we can estimate the civiliation of humans. Plastics, harmful gases, chemicals are the words we can connect to humans. These are the second names for pollution and waste.

Plastics are ruling the world right now. Everything we buy is 90% packed in plastics. Plates, spoons, bags or anything you name contain plastic. Animals, that can be considered as our relatives are murdered by us whether it be through pollution or poaching. We cannot tolerate waste or trash in our home, but we are dumping the trash on our ultimate home, our Earth.  We are creating those things which we don't even need to. Our lives were way better in times when we used jute and paper for packaging and purchased fresh and open food.

Today, we are totally dependent on things like vehicles, plastics and many other detrimental things. We need to come back to our culture that was centuries ago. We all agree that humans are the most developed among all the organisms, but we are destroying our own home. Animals that have a smaller brain and intelligence than ours create less chaos to their environment than us. We create those items which harm ourselves. So do we have a larger or smaller brain?

Now I sign off and leave you with the question:

Are humans the most civilized or the most remorseless?

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