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Vivek, a 12 years old boy was alone in the house. His parents went to attend a wedding procession. Vivek doesn’t like it at all. He was never taken with his parents as he was a child. “I am now 12 and should be taken with my parents. I don’t like to be alone in the house.” Vivek said to himself. Thinking this, he went to his room for a book. The moment he opened the door, he saw a woman wearing white cloths hanging over the ceiling by a jute rope. He was freeze at the moment. He was not able to utter a single word. He rushed to the drawing room shouting with fear. He hid himself under a table and locked the door. After sometime, he heard a knock at the door. Vivek knew that it was the same woman and refused it. After a few repetitions, the noise faded. Vivek sighed in relief. As he turned to stand up, he saw the same woman staring at him. Vivek was so frightened that he became unconscious. When he again became conscious, he noticed him in a strange place where there were dark clouds and no sunlight was coming as it was night there. He started to explore the place. As he roamed around the place, he heard terrible sounds of an owl hooting and wolves howling. As he wondered over the place, he saw a shadow coming towards him. He ran towards the direction he came from shouting for help…. A woman saw him and offered him to come in. “you are looking horrified and pale. Are you okay? Why were you running? What was happening outside?” But Vivek was not in the condition to answer those questions. The woman took him to bed and suggested him to rest. After rest, Vivek asked the woman were he was. “This is Freak town.”The woman said looking in scared Vivek. Vivek asked the woman to help him.”We will discuss about it tomorrow. Goodnight.” Saying this, the woman went switching off the light. Vivek tried to sleep but can’t. He went to the woman’s room. He heard the sound of sharpening a knife. Vivek thought of running away but went to his room. His thought of running away was right as the woman muttered about how she would kill him and make him like them. Vivek knew that the whole Freak town was dead. He rushed out of the gate and saw an old man wearing wizard like clothes. “Who are you?” asked the old man.”I am Vivek. Who are you? Do you belong to this place?”. “I am Harmour the wizard. I am stuck in this place since 30 years.” Vivek looked at him with faith. “I am also stuck here since a few days. I was brought here by a weird woman. How you came here?” asked Vivek. “30 years ago” said Harmour. “30 years ago I was informed about a ‘Wizard of the Year Competition’ to be held in this town. I was encouraged to take part in it and I did.” And then it all happened.” Suddenly, Vivek heard a noise growing louder. The land started trembling as the noise grew louder. “Come with me. I will take you to a safe place. “Harmour said. “Abiescus Cibiescus Hido” he chanted a magical spell waving his magical stick in the air. The clouds of dust covered them. When the dust was filtered, they were at a place like a store room. It was a deserted room. “Where are we?” asked Vivek “We are in my home. I know it is small and quite dusty, but I still love it very much. You will also get habited.” “What do you mean habited? Are we not going to get out of this time ever? Am I going to spend my whole life in this rubbish room?” “Don’t even utter a word about my room.” Harmour warned Vivek. “I will let you and myself out of this town.” “But how?” asked Vivek. “I will teach you to do magic” Harmour said “when will we start?”

“From tomorrow.” But promise me that you will not use it in your world even if you are in the worst situation.”

“I promise.”

The day passed away. The new day sun glittered at the east and it was the time for Vivek to learn magic.”Are you ready young boy?” Harmour asked gently. “Always” Vivek replied excitedly. Harmour asked him to speak the spell, ‘Abiescus Cibiescus Zakoom’. Vivek done the same as he was asked to, but it did not worked. Vivek went sad. “Cheer up my boy. You can do this.” said Harmour. “But it’s impossible for me.” “The word impossible only means that I’m possible.” Harmour said encouraging him. Vivek tried many times but it doesn’t work, but at the thirtieth time the magic worked and the candle got fire. “Well done. Good job.” Harmour appreciated Vivek. “That’s enough for the day.” said Harmour and went inside his house. “Let’s have the breakfast. I am very hungry.” “Me too, Harmour.” said Vivek. The breakfast was a warm burger, animal blood and a mice desert. “Yuk, I am not goanna eat this. It’s better to be hungry than to eat this.” “Remember it is Freak town not your world. You have to eat this or die of starving.” “It’s not my world but I will return to my world today,” said Vivek angrily. “If you want to, I will definitely help you. Harmour blew the dust over a casket and opened it. The casket opened with a creaking noise as it was an old one. “Yes! Finally I found it.” “What’s it?” asked Vivek. He held a book in his hand and said.”It will help you a lot. It’s a magical book. It has marvellous spells in it.”Vivek thought that he could become master of magic by reading this book but as he saw that Harmour was keeping it back in the casket. “Harmour, I think you are getting late”. “For what?” harmour asked puzzled.

“Umm… for your evening walk.” “But……” “No buts. Go for it”. “Umm…. Okay. But remember neither to open nor to see the casket and the book.” “Okay, Okay. I got it.” Vivek said ignoring Harmour. As Harmour went off for the walk, Vivek opened the casket and took out the book. As he opened the book, a very bright light glittered in front of his eyes and made vivek close them. The moment he opened his eyes, in front of him was his parents. Vivek ran shouting of joy to see his parents. As he reached them, Vivek felt as if his parents were going away from him. Vivek opened his eyes and saw Harmour standing beside him worried. “I’m sorry Harmour. I opened the book despite your warning.” “No problem. I knew you will open it and try to see in the book. This book only allows the owner to read the spells. If a stranger opens it, this book put him into depression. Thank god! You are not caught into its trick deeply otherwise, you would never come out of this depression and meet your relatives.” “It would never ever happen!” “Forget it. Let’s have lunch. You would be hungry I bet.” “Yeah! As you say, I’m very hungry.” The day passed away and it was the time to learn a new magic. “Are you ready?” asked Harmour. “Yes” Vivek shouted back. “That’s like my boy. Say as I, Abiescus Cibiescus Protecto” as Vivek said these words, an invisible shield covered him all over his body. When Harmour threw a stone at him, the shield was enough powerful to stop the stone. “Got it in a shot” Harmour said appreciatively. “Yeah, I’ve done it.”“Do you want to go ahead or.....?” “Yes, Yes! Of course I want to. Please tell Harmour, please” Vivek’s eyes were glittering with excitement. “Of course my boy, I will. I’m always ready to help and teach you.” “Now repeat, Abiescus Cibiescus Illuno.” As he said, an illusion of him created. “Wow, that’s a good one. I knew you will be the best friend of mine in this weird place.” “I am and I will be your friend forever.”

The day passed away and Vivek learned many spells. Suddenly, one day, Harmour said, “Ah! Now Vivek, you are ready for going home.” “Really! Are you speaking the truth?” “Yes, as I always do.”

“Now, listen carefully. The way which you will lead to your home is on Hanfry Mountain. You will see an Emerald on its peak. The moment you will pick it and say ‘Asako Nimerto Zibioto’, it will open a way to your world and you will reach there in a few minutes. So, now it’s time for you to leave. Good luck and remember Focus and Faith.” “Are you not coming with me, Harmour?” “No, now it’s my age and I can do nothing after reaching our world. I will be fine here.” In a couple of days, Vivek reached on Hanfry Mountain. Vivek climbed up the peek. “Yes, got it.” Vivek said to himself gladly. The moment he was going to pick the Emerald, a tall devil soul stood in front of him. “Who are you?” asked Vivek. “I am the mightiest soul in Freak town, The devil of doom.”

“You may be the mightiest soul in Freak town, but not in the world.” The devil tried to spell Vivek. But he failed. Now it was Vivek’s turn to answer his attack. “Abiescus Cibiescus Zakoom.” “Huh, this small spell will not work on me” the man said laughing. Vivek was attacked by him with his spells vigorously. Vivek was so badly hurt that he couldn’t even stand. One more spell came from him, hit Vivek and he became unconscious. His mind was repeating only two words: Focus, faith.

Vivek stood up and tried his last spell. “Abiescus Cibiescus Thunder Zakooba Mimioto.” As he, said these words the man was surrounded by a typhoon which threw him away. As the devil was now away, Vivek took the Emerald and said, ‘Asako Nimoto Zibioto’ and the way were in front of him waiting for Vivek to enter. “Goodbye, Harmour and Thank you for all this happening. Abiescus Cibiescus Reporto” As he said a glittering light took place in the sky. “Yes, he has done it” said Harmour with his face glittering with happiness. The moment Vivek went in, in just a few minutes, he reached his world. “Ah! Now as I have reached my world, I will only take rest. One thing to keep in mind, do not talk about the adventure I had, to anyone” Vivek said to himself.

.    .    .