Image by Matthew Slowe from Pixabay 

The words rescue, care, and welfare are purely legal-based ideologies. In the pre-hostoric period, the word does not have any type of colouration to the animal. Only by law, it can take its colour. In India, the law based on animals lies in the book and is not properly implemented by the body. The animals can be carefully rescued by the governing authorities where the legal framing officials try to take the upper hand. 

  1. Law required can be done through proper education from the lower level.
  2. Proper media about the crime against the animal, if commit mistake 
  3. Punishment must be severe and it should be brought to the public via media.
  4. The legal framework is correctly adopted by the follower.
  5. Animal welfare board
  6. Animals must be properly fed by forest departmental staff.
  7. Yearly census about animal status.
  8. Animal hospitalisations and treatment 
  9. Animalfully handled by the staff.
  10. All animals must be carefully watched with their habitual activities.

The legal framework should be rigid and tightened in order to prevent animals' behavioral activities. The mistake done by any legal constitutional bodies.

The animals were not man-made products to design themselves as the Indian constitution, gramed by the legal panel. The Bible recalls the animals are from heaven and enter the earth through the Rainbow. So rescue, care, and welfare fairly lie on the law. The welfare of anals should not be in the book, but it must be properly adopted by the constitutional bodies. The countries other than India, the law is more stringent. So the said word does not have any colouration.

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