23rd November 2017, I was at Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi. It was a time of celebration and joy for everyone in the family. We were getting ready for the event, that was going to take place at night. It was my cousin's sister's wedding that night. Preparations were going on since morning. I remember we had Kadhi Chawal at lunch in the afternoon. I was delighted as I have always been a Kadhi Chawal fan since childhood. That's the specialty of Indian marriage functions, you are going to find absolutely mouth watering food in almost every function of marriage.


In the evening, everybody started to get ready and dress up for the wedding. The bride, my sister was taken to the nearby salon. It took her 4 hours to fit into the bridal outfit, wear all the jewellery and makeup and finally fix her hair without eating much. This part of marriage seemed really hectic to me, as I never really liked visiting salons. So I decided to stay back and wear my outfit and jewellery on my own.

My sister knew that I was going to be preparing for the night on my own. So we decided to surprise each other with how we ended up looking.


I had specially bought a new orange coloured lehenga from karol bagh. My mother insisted me to visit Chandani Chowk. But I always liked Karol Bagh more. I did my hair and applied light make-up, wore my heels, and started roaming here and there, as I was the first person to get ready for the event. Everybody got themselves clicked by the photographer. Soon, my sister arrived and we both were waiting to see each other and check how we eventually looked. She was looking stunning like all brides do at their wedding. And when she saw me, her mouth was open, she loved the way I looked. After looking at my new orange lehenga, the first thing she said, was, "WOW !! ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, SIS."


So, wearing black coloured clothes has always been really very trendy and fashionable, especially amongst the youth. Orange suited me so much. Many people including all the relatives and friends liked my Orange lehenga and I became popular at the wedding, making Orange, the new Black for everyone there. It was in 2017 when my sister complimented the blend of black and orange in her statement. But really, that time I had no idea that there was a show that had a similar name and was quite popular among the young generation.

To tell you the truth, I still haven't seen the show yet. Hopefully, someday I will. But, this was my story with "Orange is the new Black."


I still have my sister's comment, that said, "Orange is the new Black" on my Facebook post, under the picture of me in the beautiful orange lehenga. Coincidently, the new lehenga that I have recently bought is also in Orange colour. Nowadays, orange is really trendy and its popularity is spreading across the world. These days on many occasions be it kids' birthday parties or school and college farewells, everybody likes to wear Orange. "Orange surely has become the new black" in the true sense, after gaining that much attention from the people.


Orange or Black, it really doesn't matter what colour you wear as long as you are comfortable with it. Whatever you wear, what all you do, becomes trendy and catches attention as long as you are confident and believe in yourself. The idea is not to attract people's attention but be your ownselves. Even the most ordinary piece of clothing becomes appealing if it is worn with grace and the right attitude. Every colour suits everyone, just wear confidence first, then the colour.

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