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I feel fortunate that I am born in a family that is progressive, liberal, always keeps me free, lets me speak my mind and be myself. In this write-up I would be talking about few amazing men from whom I have learnt many things in life. In childhood my father would play games with me, participate in all the adventurous sports and activities with me. He would always make efforts in making me confident, strong, sporty and bold.

Once I remember I adamantly told him that I wanted to sit on the top of a cow. And with all the precautions he tried making me do that and we succeeded. He didn't refuse doing so probably because he knew he could do that or maybe he wanted me to try and experience that. He believed that I could always do what I wanted to do. I just needed to believe in myself.

My father always made me aware of reality around me, then take decisions and act accordingly.

He was one of the first men from whom I got inspired a lot, who was my friend, with whom I could laugh, fight and come back to.

The second man whom I got inspiration from was my Math teacher.

I was introduced to my Math teacher in 11th Standard along with my childhood buddies.

He was an erudite, learned and so knowledgeable. He had this unique style of teaching his students. With every student he worked hard and always encouraged and supported us.

One of the most important men in my life had been a cab driver. A random man who drove me from Noida to Gole market. I still remember that horrifying evening. I was at work, not feeling well, I decided to leave for home early that day, at around 6 in the evening. I informed my brother that I was unwell and leaving early. He booked a cab for me. I got into the cab. My mobile's battery had gotten dead by then. It was my 2nd day in office. I was not familiar with the routes. Google maps in the cab driver's mobile couldn't trace the exact location. I had never travelled that late at night ever before. He decided to take another shorter route as Google maps was not showing the exact location. I was petrified. It was around 8. Roads were blocked. But the driver assured me that he would drive me home safely. He noticed that I was scared. Finally after another half hour I reached home. I was so relieved. I took a deep breath. And relaxed myself. I thanked him and gave him extra money as well.

Another man whom I really looked upto was the man I fell in love with. I met him many years ago. That guy was not just a man whom I admired but also the one who made me better each day. He was medicine to my unhealed mind and heart, the one man who always believed in me. He made me fall in love with myself. He made me understand that before loving anybody else I must love myself.

So to each one of you I wanted to thank you for being there for me at the exact time when I needed you all.

Our world needs more men like each one of you who knows how women should be treated, supported, respected, valued and encouraged. In the end I would like to say that all the men need to know that there are women out there who know how men should be treated as well. Such women exist who know how wonderful it is to have a man in their lives who supports their decisions, who doesn’t mind sharing the workload, be it at home or at work. We are at par. We both must understand that it is perfectly all right for a man to be sensitive and showing his emotional side and for a woman to be independent and bold.

I am happy to have all of you in my life. I am glad that I met each one of you. I have got so much to learn from each one of you, resilience and patience. You all have kept my faith in men intact.

The cab driver taught me that a random man out there could be a decent human, a man who could help a woman in reaching home safely. My Math teacher showed me that even if I sucked at Math, I could always learn it and get better at it. My father taught me that if I believed in myself, I could possibly just do anything in life. My first love showed me that love was beautiful, but our friendship was even stronger.

One doesn't need to have a relationship with another person. Just be human enough, kind enough and sensitive enough and understand a person.

To all you lovable men out there:

"I respect you all. Let’s worship humanity and bridge the gap between men and women and make this world a better place to live in. We are together in this". 

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