Hello everyone,

Let's talk about the power of belief.
Belief! How can it be someone's power? Strange, right?
It won't be after you get the squeezed-up explanation.
I am not going to talk something out of the box, but will surely leave a bunch of useful data or you could call it surveys or observations!

Let us talk about The Phuket Vegetarian Festival of Thai Island.

Anything special? Nah, it's kind of unbelievable for normal people! The Taoist people pierce their mouths with swords, knives, badminton rackets, and sharp objects!

Why do they do so?? 

Participants believe these piercings allow them to take on the sins of others in order to purify themselves and return auspiciousness to the community! They believe! This pain tolerance capacity is the result of their beliefs! Our impulse fluctuates as we see these things but the reality is out here! 

Next, what we will talk about, is a well-known scientific term, called Placebo Effect.

This is based totally on our belief system which depends on our positive or negative approach towards what we dig out of any situation. Let's see what happens, a patient is given a pseudo drug that does not affect the body in any sense, but he is being mentally prepared that the medicines are highly effective and is assured to regain healthy conditions.

This is based on neuroenhancement, the power of the mind field! The mental affirmity of the patient plays its role in improving and this is a scientific fact that people do get cured in many cases. Thus, Placebo is practiced many times to cover the health conditions! Now, we are heading towards the life story of a well-known personality who has proved that willpower and belief can move mountains.

Arunima Sinha - The Face of Determination

A volleyball player, chain snatched and thrown out from a running train, lost her leg, and then she believed that she is alive for a motive, took a pledge to climb Mt Everest when she was in the bed with one leg completely damaged!

Made infinite endeavors but didn't lose her hopes, hailed the Indian Flag at the peak of Mt. Everest but did not stop, with one prosthetic leg, she climbed almost all the major peaks of the world. She wore determination and went on without even doubting her capabilities. In fact, she has proved that physical deformities are nothing when it comes to our mental affirmity and believing abilities.

Heard of people walking on burning coal? How do they do so?

Source: Armando Ascorve Morales on Unsplash

Can a normal being dare to when it comes to fire? Definitely, it is quite risky! But people do, wholeheartedly, worshipping Goddess Durga in a hope that she will bestow blessings and purify their soul. All these discussions are only a speck of what could a mind in faith and belief do! For instance, before beginning a career or a new way, we try to take advice, then, if we are embedded with the positive seeds, we go ahead but if we are introduced with the negativities, we get weakened or we simply quit!

Why did it happen? Why our so-called excitement is drowned so deep that we could not find it exciting anymore?

This is because we have made our decision-making power so weak that we need the advice from others and we get affected by the so-called advice which is again based on some hearsay!

Why can't we be actually us? Why do we get affected by the whispers of the ones who even do not know what they want to convey?

Had Thomas Alva Edison believed his teacher who mentioned him "too stupid to learn anything", had he given up at 1000 unsuccessful attempts of making a bulb, were we be able to enlighten even our room with the electric bulb? But he believed in himself and his mother made him believe that he is able and he can and so he did what normal beings could not!

Are these instances not enough to make everyone believe that belief is a power that is dominating the minds of all the creatures!

The power lies within ourselves, we are the slaves of our mind until and unless we conquer it!

We have made our vision of perception accordingly!

Why do we consider things difficult? Are they really difficult?

Or are we following hearsay? Or are we not able to?

Nothing is difficult, it is how we look at things or situations.

If we are fed with the mud of impossibilities then we may consider things difficult. There is no such thing which one person can do and the other can not, so simply talking about the abilities is of no sense.

Put your mind onto it, believe in possibilities, a fist full of determination, and nothing goes undone.

If you lose, you learn and if you win, do not stop.

The problem with the people is in their childhood feedings, we are fed with many teachings like "what will they say if you do that, so, don't do!"

Who are they? What they say will affect what you do?

People's opinions must not affect you. They are nothing if you are only yours, they make difference when you doubt yourself on their opinions.

Giving a halt to my pen, I shall convey,

"Doubting your capabilities is the greatest sin and ALL LIMITATIONS ARE SELF-IMPOSED."

.    .    .