A pair of long-lost brothers who were separated as children in 1945 are to be reunited for the first time after 77 years apart.

Ted Nobbs, 83, and his brother Geoff, 79, have spent more than seven decades 10, 000 miles apart after their family was divided up at the end of the WWII.

We get to know that Ted along with his siblings Barry and John, were all separated from their youngest brother Geoff after their mother died a tragic death due to cancer at the age of 30 in 1945.

Their father wasn't able to cope with caring for Geoff, who was just one year old at that time decided to offer him up for adoption to give him a chance of better life. Accordingly, Geoff moved to Australia in 1951 at the age of seven and has lived there ever since. He now has eight children and grandchildren of his own.

Ted, Barry and John had all tried several times over the years to find their little brother without any success. They tried to do a lot of researching. They also went through the data with the Supporting Adults affected by Adoption but that didn't help. They also took individual measures separately to find their younger brother respectively.

Their luck finally changed in 2014. It was when it had four years already passed since the death of the eldest brother, John. Striking in a similar moment, Geoff tracked down Barry and sent him a letter.

Receiving the letter, the group of brothers was again united. Initially, though on a phone call but then it was a wonderful opportunity to catch up again. They were overwhelmed with feelings of uncertainty and happiness as they had zeroed the hope of such a thing materializing. Tears ran down the cheeks of the brothers and indeed the environment had taken the form of an emotional symposium.

Later, Geoff had planned to come over to England for the birthday party of one of his brothers. Red tapeism and the arrival of the pandemic held him back. Still, he sent good wishes to his brother via a recorded video.

The brothers finally decided to go for a big reunion. Geoff lives south of Sydney. The brothers visiting him have also planned a visit to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. The brothers are extremely excited for the reunion.

It may seem as an unbelievable event taking place but then this entire story brings into limelight that,

'Blood relationships are the most durable and everlasting connections.'

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