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Israeli scientists say that they have identified antibodies which are so very powerful in eliminating the coronavirus that the need for vaccine boosters would be eliminated.

A research team at Tel Aviv University experimented with numerous antibodies and found that two, in particular, neutralize all known strains of the coronavirus, including Delta and Omicron in a lab setting.

Antibody infusions are already being used to treat some coronavirus patients and microbiologist Dr. Natalia Freund, who directed the new study, said that the antibodies she identified could be used to concoct a particularly potent infusion.

Based on their lab performance, it can be said that these antibodies could provide the extra protection that today comes from booster shots. This could make extra shots unnecessary among vaccinated people.

The infection of Covid-19 is really very serious and deadly. Knowing the fact that providing antibodies in the first days following infection can stop the spread of the virus, these antibodies would immediately serve the function.

It is therefore possible that by using effective antibody treatment, we will not have to provide booster doses to the entire population every time there is a new variant.

The cause for a successful result of the antibodies is because of the fact that antibodies seem to bind a particular spike protein of coronavirus.

Freund's latest research has been published in Communications Biology. Working with the doctoral students Michael Mor and Ruofan Lee, she sequenced all the B immune system cells from the blood of people who had recovered from the original Covid strain in Israel and isolated nine bodies that the patients produced. Now, the top two antibodies have been tested against a range of variants and they performed well against all of them.

According to the findings, the effectiveness of the first antibody, TAU-1109, in neutralizing the Omicron strain is 92%, and in neutralizing the Delta strain is 90%.

The second antibody, TAU- 2310, neutralizes the Omicron variant with an efficacy of 84% and the Delta variant with an efficacy of 97%.

The antibodies are named TAU because they were identified at Tel Aviv University.

To ensure that her lab work was done correctly, Freund sent the antibodies to have their effectiveness checked against live viruses to the University of California and the University of Galilee. These studies green signalled the studies conducted by her.

Freund said that antibodies clearly give strong protection as they prevent infection straight after recovery. In her view, this makes it logical to invest in artificially boosting antibodies, and she hopes to do exactly this with the antibodies she identified.

This antibody infusion treatment shall lessen the chances of a person getting infected again after one recovery is completed. Researchers in this direction are in a way working best to wipe out the strains of pandemics from this world.

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