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"Keep reading. It's one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have." - Lloyd Alexander

In India, National Reading Day is observed every year on the 19th of June. National Reading Day is celebrated to spread awareness among the younger generation about the importance of reading. The habit of reading should be developed in everyone because reading not only increases our knowledge but also makes the individual pacific, concentrated and patient. National Reading Day is also known as 'Vaayanadinam' and this name has been given by the Government of Kerala.

History of the Day:

National Reading Day is celebrated to honor the Keralian teacher, Puthuvayil Narayana Panicker. P.N. Panicker died on 19th June 1995 and to pay tribute to his contributions it was decided to celebrate National Reading Day. Thr first National Reading Day was celebrated on 19th June 1996 by PN Panicker Vigyan Vikas Kendra and PN Panicker Foundation. For his enormous contributions, P.N. Panicker is known as the father of the 'Library Movement in Kerala.' Under the Kerala Grandhasala Sangham ( KGS ), PN Panicker established 47 libraries in 1946. The Kerala Grandhasala Sangham was formerly known as Thiruvithaamkoor Granthasala Sangham or the Travancore Library Association. To remember the legacy of PN Panicker Ministry of Education under the Government of India issued a stamp on 21st June 2004.

Significance of the Day:

National Reading Day is celebrated to make people realize the importance of reading. Reading is one of the good habits which makes our reading skills, creative skills, analytical skills, vocabulary, and concentration power strong. In today's time, reading habit has been reduced because people mostly prefer other modes of entertainment like mobile, television, etc. The PN Panicker Vigyan Vikas Kendra and PN Panicker Foundation have been celebrating National Reading Day by organizing schools and colleges related to reading. Through these events, the organizations make the young generation aware about the reading habit and make sure that they inculcate this good habit.

Theme of this Year:

The theme of the 27th National Reading Day 2022 is 'Read and Grow'. Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the 22nd National Reading Month celebrations on 19th June 2017. In his inauguration speech, he asked the people of the country to expand the theme 'Read and Grow' and continue this process till 2022. So since 2017 every year the theme of the National Reading Day remains the same.

Reading as a habit can have a profound effect on individuals and can help them to achieve their goals and succeed in life. Therefore, National Reading Day is celebrated every year on June 19 to spread the importance of books. It is one of the most powerful things in the world, giving you new opportunities for reading, growth, and inspiration.

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