The Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs Nirmala Sitharaman dedicated to the nation, Dharohar- the National Museum of Customs and GST in Panaji Goa.

The two-storey 'Blue building', which was earlier known as Alfandenga, during the period of Portuguese rule in Goa, has been standing on the banks of the Mandovi River in Panaji for more than 400 years. Dharohar is one of its kind museums in the country that showcases not only the articrafts seized by Indian Customs but also depicts various aspects of work performed by the Customs Department. 'Dharohar' has eight galleries, that is, Introductory Gallery, History of Taxation Gallery, Guardians of our Economic Frontiers Gallery, Guardians of our Art & Heritage, Guardians of Flora & Fauna, Custodians of our social well-being, Journey of Indirect Taxes - Salt Tax to GST and GST gallery. GST gallery is a brand new addition to the Dharohar Museum. A first of it's kind intiative in the country, this GST gallery takes one through the long and arduous journey of GST spanning two decades. The attempt is also in progress to safeguard the economic frontiers of the country, it's heritage, flora, fauna and the society.

It further informed that the tour de force of Dharohar museum is a unique 'Battle of Wits' gallery which showcases the cerebral battle between the smugglers and the Customs officers. It contains chronicled seizures of antique coins, statues, endangered wildlife, weapons and narcotics. The Museum provides the rare opportunity of having a peep into the working of the Department over the years ushering in change in it's methodologies to meet the emanating challenges while at the same time providing yeomen service to the nation. Notable among its displays are the manuscript of Ain-i-Akbari intercepted by the Indian Customs at the Indo-Nepal border at Raxaul, a replica of Amin pillars from Kurukshetra, medieval period astronomical instruments, seized metal and stone artefacts, ivory items and wildlife items.

Beginning with the Atal Behari Vajpayee Government initiating discussions on GST in 2000, the Gallery chronicles various stages and processes that paved the way for the introduction of reformed unified indirect taxation in the form of GST on 1 July 2017. An e-catalogue of the museum contains high resolution pictures of the various items displayed in the museum along with relevant information. This e-catalogue is downloadable using the QR Code which would serve as a ready reckoner for not just the visitors but also for the scholars of archaeology and ancient history.

'Dharohar' is an important addition to the Tourism Map of India and a must-see attraction in Goa. 

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