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Domesticating dogs of different breeds has become a fashion for people now a days. Keeping them as a pet is somewhat an easy task. But when it comes to love the dogs living on the street, the matter isn't so easy. One day or the other, these street dogs are becoming victims of some incidents or cruelty of people. Some sleep on a hungry stomach longing for food. But we should also note that these street dogs are able to adapt to their surroundings, we do not need any special facility to keep them.

By spreading information about these street dogs, Lucknow's Charu Khare motivates people to keep these dogs. He started this work along with his sister Poorna. Two more animal lovers have also associated themselves with the project. These four are also running an organization named 'Aasra' - the helping hands by withdrawing some of their earnings. Charu remarked, 'There are many needy people around us whom we should help. I decided to help these innocent animals at my level and believe me when you come forward to help those innocent animals, they will not bite you, but will give you love.'

Charu and his sister have spent their childhood witnessing their parents extending a hand of support to the distressed. Their father used to feel not only the street dogs but all kinds of animals living on the street. Whenever someone got sick or became a victim of an accident, he also used to get that animal treated.

Way back till 2020, the offspring of this noble family had no intention of running a special organization for animals. But as its said, that difficulties and problems make a man. The similar saying reiterated its presence in Charu's life too.

It was only after when their father passed away that things changed. Charu decided to continue the noble work of helping the animals which was initiated by his father. And hence, the idea of setting up of an organization shapened itself.

Their family realised that people should come toward to alleviate the sufferings of the voiceless. They started to carry on the work on the same lines as it was initiated by their father.

We all must realize that dogs of foreign breeds are brought at expensive prices and domesticated accordingly. The street dogs don't even get a tinch of that love. That's how the society acts selfish and cruel. The organisation works to underline the cause of street dogs and elevate the importance of animal love. They created a social media page to spread awareness about it. Gradually, people started to join it. Although, the task was not easy for them because people are not ready to adopt such dogs. The organisation spread awareness among the people by telling the merits of these indigenous breed dogs. The animal rescue process expanded under this organisation. So far, Charu and his team together have rescued more than 200 innocent people and saved their lives. They have provided shelter to 65 indigenous dogs. No external funding is done in this organisation rather they themselves are coming forward to spread to cause.

Providing home to the homeless and voice to the voiceless, the organization plays a vital role in keeping these animals safe. If it were a perfect world there wouldn't be a need for animal shelters, but until the time the more support we can all give toward their efforts to save, shelter, reunite, adopt and improve animal health and educate the public, the easier it will be for animal shelters to realize their mission and help all animals.

'Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains awakened.' - Anatole France.

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