Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Recently, President Joe Biden and lady Dr. Jill Biden planted a ceremonial elm tree at the White House South Lawn in honor of Dale Haney, superintendent of the White House grounds, who earlier this month celebrated 50 years working at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The tree planting was planned as a surprise to Haney.

The Bidens each made brief remarks about Haney describing him, 'as one of the most beloved people here...taking such loving care of the grass and flowers.'

The trees that they have planted have a life expectancy between 175 to 200 years.

Haney began working as a gardener at the White House in 1972, and through the years has overseen the care of 500 trees, 5,000 shrubs, thousands of annual flowers, and the White House Kitchen Garden. Haney also supervises the work of the National Park Service groundskeepers.

Haney is also the unofficial pet caretaker of the White House. For the administrations Haney has served, he has walked and looked after every Presidential dog.

The elm tree will eventually provide shade to the Commander and the Superintendent in the times of summer.

Due recognition to people who actually deserve fame is much needed. It's a matter of applause when we see the first citizens of the country venerating the efforts of such people.

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