Have you ever imagined of a place on this Earth that is literally an abode of the Lord? What if I tell you that there exists a place of this kind? Well, 'Nidhivan' of Vrindavan can assist the readers to quench their thirst in search of a place with the characteristics aforementioned.

With 'Nidhivan' there are just oodles of mysterious and miraculous tales. Let's just read on not only to get an insight into this place but also to traverse the mysteries, miracles, and myths associated with it.

Nidhivan is a place located within Vrindavan, Mathura, the sacred birthplace of Lord Krishna. Nidhivan is one of the supremely transcendental places in India. It is moreover a forest site within Vrindavan. Nidhivan is actually a garden lavished with basil plants and trees all over. Hence, it is also known as the 'Forest of Tulsi.' Nidhivan is regarded to be the most prominent and popular site for being a  home to the spiritual dance (Raas Leela) of the Hindu deities, Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha, and other gopis. It is a common belief among the locals of the place that the deities happen to visit the place after the night falls. The place has a  hearsay that Lord Krishna visits it every night.

But what adds up to the mystery?

According to a folklore, Nidhivan was settled by Guru Haridas. Guru Haridas was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. The prayers of the priest compelled the Lord to appear before him. The place of appearance of Lord Krishna is called the 'Prakatya Sthal.' An idol of the deities is also there in the garden. An adjoining temple of 'Thakur Ji' is also a part of the area. The temple's name 'Nidhivan' is derived from the Sanskrit terminology which means 'Forest of Treasure.'

Nidhivan is not the kind of forest one can relate to, rather it carries the threads of religious sentiments of a multitude.

Inside the garden, there is Rangmahal. According to some popular sayings, Lord Krishna visits here every night and adorns his beloved Radha with his own hands. In this special devoted corner, there is a small room, where the priests prepare a bed of sandalwood, a silver jug of holy water, betel leaves (paan), neem leaves (datun), bangles and some sweets, etc. for the deities before closing the place. At this very place, the next morning things seem to be tasted such as the beds are unkempt, paans are chewed, etc. People believe that it is Lord Krishna who is responsible for all this. Offerings are also spread across the Mahal for Radha and Krishna to feast on after their Raas Leela also seems to have been dined upon. Seeing the scattered items the next morning lends at least some truth to these statements.

The place is strictly forbidden to be visited at night. Neither anybody is allowed nor anybody stays back in the forest in the late evening hours. The monkeys who largely habitat the forest throughout the daytime also leave the premises as soon as the  dusk enters. It is surprising that the birds even don't make their nests in these forests. Species of any kind elope from the area as soon as the evening prayers are conducted. Houses in and around Nidhivan hardly have windows. Adhering to the proverb, 'Prevention is better than Cure,' people residing close to this garden have either permanently closed their windows with bricks particularly those which used to face the garden and some shut it down completely as soon as the dusk falls in. The object behind this behavior is that the people refrain themselves from taking a look at the garden even accidentally. Actually, anybody who has tried to peek into the garden either deliberately or accidentally has lost their visual ability, hearing ability and some have even severed their mental balance. Some even die in the process and some go insane out of shock. Isn't it flabbergasting? To sum it all, whosoever has tried of being a spectator of this divine dance clandestinely, fails in disclosing the divine secret to anybody in the morning. Activities taking place inside the forest are beyond comprehension and befuddling simultaneously.

The Basil trees and plants inside the forest further give an astonishing sight entirely. They are unique in their own way. The trees are spread on a vast tract of land precisely on a rocky terrain. The trees which generally grow upwards are seen growing downwards here. The locals claim that previously this land was circumscribed by mountains but it was the melodious tune of Lord Krishna's flute that caused the melting of mountains into small rocks. The footprints of the Lord and his calf are still etched on this sacred place. Nidhivan is flanked by numerous basil plants and trees. The trees are stunted in height. They are found in pairs and have entangled trunks. The trees are hollow and the land is absolutely dry still, the greenery of the forest is maintained. The trees and their leaves remain lively throughout the year. It is also claimed that the trees illuminate at night to welcome Lord Krishna. It is a belief among the locals that these Tulsi plants turn into 'gopis' at night and dance around as Lord Krishna performs his Raas Leela. The plants resume their natural and original forms as soon as the daylight arrives in. 

People living close by also claim that they have heard the sounds of musical anklets and laughter during the night time. It is surprising that nobody has ever witnessed this sight yet the people living there have a strong conviction in this regard. It may sound weird, mind-boggling, or even scary; but that is what people here believe. The visitors of the place will find a divine serenity in the region.

India is a country where culture echoes, tradition speaks, beauty enthralls, and diversity delights. In such a country, the presence of mysterious places like that of Nidhivan appends the euphoric beauty of the country. Unfurling the mystery of Nidhivan though seems to be impossible yet is one of those major destinations that awaits more exploration. It is a mysterious place that catches the attention of travelers from all over the world. Over a period of time with improved means of communication systems and technology, some say that it is a devious plan on the part of the locals to fill their pockets with money by attracting the tourists to this place. Reputed scientists and historians have tried to unravel the mystery associated with this place, but all in vain. Whether this all is a mystery or a miracle, it is all up to you to take the stance. The debate is open for all and everybody is allowed to take their respective stand on this belief. The entire tale is unbelievable but charming simultaneously. Speculations in regard to this place leave the readers in a conundrum! There is no smoke without fire. There is some root to this mystery that is still unknown to all. Well, it's not only Nidhivan but there are many more mysterious places in India that need exploration. The readers are suggested to visit this place at least once not only on the pretext of the mystery associated with it but also to witness the natural and scenic beauty of the place. Nidhivan is claimed to be the 'Forest of Treasure'. Well, not untrue! Undoubtedly, Nidhivan is a forest with treasures of inexplicable mysteries and miraculous tales.


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