Recently, when Florida's record-breaking Hurricane Ian made landfall, staying safe was a top priority everyone- including animals. But not everyone was lucky enough to find shelter. Some were caught in the storm, battling wind gusts of over 100 mph and quickly rising flood waters.

Such is the case with one stray cat in Bonita Beach, Florida. The sweet feline had nowhere to turn so she chose to hunker down on top of an outdoor AC unit, expecting the stormy winds to get over.

The cat perched on top of the unit battling heavy rains and flash floods below.

The Twitter user writes that the cat was stranded, clinging for life on a neighbour's AC unit as the storm surged in.

Luckily for the cat, Scavo's boyfriend spotted him early on and was determined to save him. The video that has been released shows Mike wading through the rushing waters towards the AC unit, before carefully snagging the cat and pulling him close to his body.

With the cat squeezed tightly against his chest, Mike makes his way back to his house for safety. He and Scavo didn't know who the cat belonged to, but they both took a giant sigh of relief once he was safely inside.

Unfortunately for Mike and Scavo, a large part of their house was completely devastated by that storm.

The cat who they aptly named Ian, was still in their home. Since the cat had no signs of loved ones, they decided that the cat would stay with them together.

In the upcoming days, Scavo and Mike will have to go ahead with the rehabilitation work. The work is although painstaking, but they are happy that they have Ian's company along. Now that Ian is safe inside with a family, Ian is also showered with all that affection.