Image by lancegfx from Pixabay 

It's been more than seven decades that Cheetah sprinted across the plains of India and now when they are back, the Indian government is even more cautious to look after their safety.

Hence, specialists are being hired - six German shepherds to guard the grounds of 80,000 acres of Kuno National Park of Madhya Pradesh for signs of poachers.

It has been reported that the dogs are undergoing a 7-month programme at the Tibetan Border Police Forces Training Centre for Dogs, where they will gain tracking skills and obedience.

Five male cheetahs and three females were flown to India from a game reserve north of Namibia recorded in the first-ever international translocation of animal. The cheetahs were declared extinct in 1952 largely due to hunting. Now that the cheetah has returned to the soil of India and we must take full efforts to save the species.

These German shepherd dogs will also be trained to sniff out tiger bones, elephant tusks and other highly trafficked wildlife parts. These dogs have a high rate of wildlife crime detection. There have been a lot of success stories of dogs who have helped in the arrest of poachers. Dogs develop an unbreakable bond with their handlers that makes them excellent in their job.

The hope is that these extinct species will now recover in India. The fauna of the Indian subcontinent should be indeed preserved with care and caution.

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