North Sentinel Island 

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On a secluded island in the Indian Ocean, there's a tribe of indigenous people that attacks anybody who attempts to visit. The island has been named the most dangerous place to visit on this planet.

India has banned it's citizens from visiting North Sentinel Island. It's also not advisory to make contact with the inhabitants of the island. Going within three miles of the island is illegal. It's one of the islands in the archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar group of islands.

The Sentinelese people are known for their violence and unwillingness to communicate with the external world. Little is known about this small square-shaped island as it is largely covered with forest.

Two fishermen who washed up on shore in 2006 were quickly attacked and murdered by the tribes. When helicopters from the Indian Coast Guard fly above this island, they are welcomed with arrows and stones.

The population on the Sentinelese island is yet not clear. It's estimated to be somewhere around 100 people. They live in complete isolation and have been living this way for some sixty thousand years.

We have also got to know that Sentinelese are in danger of dying out. The tribes have been regarded as the most vulnerable group of people in the world who have not built up immunity against common diseases.

Their number has been decimated due to the disease that struck them when the British colonized these islands in the 1800s. The Andamanese authorities can prevent the annihilation of another tribe is to ensure North Sentinel Island is protected from outsiders.

The Islanders have killed an American evangelist who arrived on their islands. The Chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes regard that their seclusion from the world has minimised the attempts of civilising the Sentinelese. Surprisingly, it has been 75 years of Independence and still, these tribes have not opened up to the external world. The administration has a hands-off policy with regard to the island. No one, not even the contact mission is allowed near it. The authorities also fear interacting with the inhabitants of the island as they are extremely very violent.

An attempt was made to know about this island much more but that turned out to be sadly disastrous for Sentinelese. They were kidnapped by white men. In this process of abduction, two of them got sick and some died even. The Sentinelese people don't miss a chance to let the world know each other and they just want to be left alone. In 1991, Triloknath Pandit, the then director of the Anthropological Survey of India, along with his colleagues, made the very first peaceful contact with the Sentinelese people. The mission did not prove to be fruitful. The researchers have got to know a very little about this island. The mangroves, the bird species and the coral reefs found in this island still all remain unexplored. All visits to this island have been stopped by 1997. The people who have tried to illegally barge in the island have always been killed. Actually, the Sentinelese people don't want anything to do with the rest of the world. They just don't want to be disturbed at all. The area is completely off limits and is heavily monitored by the Indian Navy. No scientific study has been conducted on this island.

The Sentinelese have chosen voluntary isolation. The island and it's inhabitants are protected under the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Protection of Aboriginal Tribes of 1956. Under this act, any form of travel to the island, and any approach closer than nautical miles is strictly prohibited. The restriction is there to protect people on both sides, the inhabitants and approaching. The Islanders show no hospitality to the visitors rather they try to protect their space by force. Hence, just because it's an Indian territory...don't think that it is accessible.

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