Image by athree23 from Pixabay 

When I was a kid, I had to know what was the "right" way of thinking, more so, what was the right way of eating, drinking, breathing, exercising, or even living.  There has to be a hack all over the internet that makes the brilliant kids the charm of all the social events. Kudos to movies for this curiosity, I always thought a particular character of a macho man is always supposed to win the hearts of the sweethearts and the respect of his brothers in arms. The manliness was driven crazily in the aggression and violence and the ability to protect all. I thought it was too easy for him, at least that was the stereotype I held towards the hero, but there's a much more disastrous stereotype carried by the hero himself. You see, freeing yourself from chains doesn't come up from breaking chains with just one karate chop like the hero does, or protecting doesn't come at a cost of declaring war filled with bloodshed. And in the same way, living doesn't come in one way. There's a huge difference between living by your morals and sulking heavily in your beliefs. There's a huge difference between a hero self-claiming himself because he has the right to think so, to an extent that he is the God of the reel world and I telling my loved ones that they are already a hero in my vision, but I cannot myself be one because, at the same time as I tell my loved ones there are different ways of being a hero, I still feel I need to beat up a 100 goons for every egotistical reason. And there's a major loophole I realise, the seed of thought is not enough, it has to be grown in the right soil of mindset, one that takes river streams of different ways of looking around and while planting the seed for others to bear the fruit, make sure you the sunny warmth of self-care only for yourself. In every life you pretend to live, there's a lie. A lie that someone is always out there much better than you. The reality is that it's surprisingly true, even when you live a God's life, there are more worshippers for your more superior ones out there. And you can keep this thought for as long as you're chasing the status of being undisputed, perfect and supreme. But if this is the reality in your mindset, there should be other thoughts about reality resonating with you as well, one being that history repeats itself, so in what part of history can you go back to and believe the perfection has been achieved before as well? You see there's always a conflict within our minds, the wind is blowing from all around us, so why do we think of closing one window will eventually put the other one out of the wind's reach? There's a cage, where you are the one to train a set of beliefs to control your mind. As long as there's your openness, there's your freedom. Think of it like this, the free thoughts are like birds in your own hands, they fly high, only if you shift your hands towards a loose grip. 

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