Source: LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

Weight lifting is the best form of exercise. In my opinion, it not only develops you physically but mentally also. It brings discipline in living your life. It guides you in a way of life. It creates a disciplined routine because of which you become more organized, uniform, and systematic. You eat & sleep on time. All your body organs & hormones are in a top healthy state. You get various thoughts & ideas when you are in the weight room. It's like a meditation. Today's young generation thinks that they know everything after they get a university degree or certification. When you spend time in a weight room you get to know your limits & start thinking of improving it gradually. You start to understand, calculate & analyze. It makes you aware of yourself & your surroundings. You start applying this phenomenon in other walks of life which adds to your success.

You develop a focus in life which teaches you to stay away from all the negativity surrounding you. This makes you a fit, positive bright & affable person with a calm mind. If you are not fit, you will not feel good even if you are roaming in your favourite tourist destinations like Switzerland or your favorite beach. But when you are fit, you will feel great even if you are walking on your local city road.

So start lifting weights!

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