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In present times, the most important thing which we sometimes neglect is health. We can see that majority of the population struggle with health issues at some point in their life. Let us know what is meant by Health. WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not just the absence of diseases and hence we should conscious about these aspects of health.

So according to the above definition, there are two aspects of health, that is, Physical Health and Psychological Health/Mental Health. So let us first discuss these two aspects of health and why it is necessary to take care of our health.


People all around the world are struggling with physical health issues. People are spending most of their hours sitting in front of computer screens and youths are busy with smartphones due to which they become physically inactive, lethargic. Today, children are compromising their health for the sake of taste. Eating pizzas, burgers, and other junk food on regular basis lead to health issues like obesity, diabetes, which become common nowadays.


Our thoughts and emotions not only affect our emotional life but also have an impact on our mind and body functions. We are living in the technological and developmental era, and in this speedy life, everyone is so busy and workload that they even don’t have time to share their feelings or listen to others' emotional problems due to which the cases of depression increase day by day. Our lives become so mechanical which leads to relationship failures. People are struggling for jobs, scoring good grades in exams, and other personal problems due to which their lives have become stressful. In India, many women are suffering from HYSTERIA (psychological stress).

Nowadays, people have materialistic possessions but they don’t have mental and emotional satisfaction and are leading stressful life due to which people suffer from depression, diabetes, blood pressure. When people face difficult times or any failure, they developed negative feelings and thoughts, and this prolonged condition affects their mental as well as physical health. Researchers found that our single thought can trigger body hormones which may cause hormonal imbalance. 


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According to the study of WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (2002), exercise for 150 minutes a week can reduce the risk of up to 35% of coronary heart diseases, 50% of type2 diabetes, 20% of breast cancer, and 30% of depression. So regular exercise proves many health benefits and everyone must do appropriate exercise according to their Body Mass Index. Those who are obese should do vigorous exercise (aerobics) and those who have normal weight can do moderate exercise (walking, cycling, etc.).

  • AEROBICS: aerobic exercises play an important role in reducing the risk of many conditions such as obesity, type2 diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases, metabolic syndrome, stroke, and many types of cancer. Aerobics also helps in managing chronic conditions, strengthening the heart, keeping the arteries clear, improving mood, etc.

  • ANAEROBICS: Anaerobic exercises such as weightlifting, biking, running, climbing, swimming, are helpful for weight management, burning calories, muscle building, and increasing overall fitness levels.


yoga helps to improve blood circulation and overall organ functioning. It also helps to improve body flexibility, body strength. Pranayama helps to focus the attention on the breath and improve our lung functions and postures and thus harmonize body and mind. It also helps to reduce gastrointestinal problems by controlling hunger and weight.


  • AVOID EATING JUNK: First of all children and adults should stop eating too much junk food as it contains a high amount of sodium, saturated and trans fats, high calories, and all of these leads to increased levels of cholesterol and causes liver problems. Eating these foods occasionally does not cause any harm but eating them on regular basis is harmful to health.
  • EATING BALANCED DIET: A healthy diet is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Eating balanced helps to boost immunity. Fruits and vegetables have essential nutrients which protect from non-communicable diseases and help to improve body functions. Also, potassium-rich diet helps to lower the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases. According to WHO, one should eat five portions of fruits and vegetables per day in order to stay healthy. In order to take maximum nutrients, we should eat seasonal and locally available fruits.
  • DRINK SUFFICIENT AMOUNT OF WATER: Water is a life-giving fluid. In fact, 70% of the human body is made up of water. So, we should drink a sufficient amount of water in order to flush out toxins from the body and remain fresh throughout the day.
  • AVOID EXCESSIVE SUGAR: Sugar has zero nutritional value but has high calories which can cause diabetes. Therefore, avoiding eating too much sugary food contribute to good health.

Now here I want to share my personal experience that how I successfully managed to cure my severe thyroid disease through a healthy diet plan. Apart from medication, I started drinking a sufficient amount of water, avoided junk food and sugar, and started eating three different fruits and two different vegetables each day at different intervals. I also started doing 15 minutes of brisk walk every morning and evening. This was my daily schedule and I continued it for about 4 months and after that my blood reports got normal.


Our past generation were physically active. There were no such facilities of cars, internet, mobile phones etc. No doubt that technology is important in today’s life but we should use them wisely. In order to get fit, we should also engage in physical work (playing outside, avoiding vehicles to cover short distances).


Always follow this rule because getting up early in the morning makes us fresh throughout the day, our body becomes more productive and energized. Late-night sleeping habit and getting up late in the morning makes the person inactive and lethargic. Also, sufficient sleep of 8 hours is needed for the brain to relax and prepare itself for further functions.


Excessive use of smartphones can cause eye damage, neurological and psychological disorders like reducing brain activity, depression and insomnia. Therefore, we should limit our time to spend on laptops and smartphones.


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1) YOGA:

The concept of yoga has originated in India and is now gaining popularity in all around the world. Yoga Asana (positions) and seven Pranayama have shown magnificent effects in curing all types of acute and chronic diseases. Yoga is beneficial for physical, mental and social wellbeing. The yoga Asana helps in body detoxification and energizing the body. Those who are conscious about the side effects of allopathic medicines, then yoga is the best alternative to treat diseases at early stages.

Yoga helps to bring down stress, enhances the power of relaxation and stamina and promotes the power of concentration and self -control. Yoga also helps to regulate and transform the body’s blood chemistry through proper synthesize of neuroendocrinal secretions, which helps one to attain the power to control the mind and to become free from the effect of external forces compelling one to lose to equanimity (a calm state of mind).

Yoga is helpful in:

  • Mental calmness
  • Stress reduction
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Body awareness


In today’s life, we don’t have time to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we get confused with our own feelings and thoughts and are not able to understand that why we are anxious, stressed and sad. That is why it is necessary to take some time for ourselves. Meditation is an extreme form of concentration. It helps in reducing stress and promotes good sleep. It boosts immunity and balances the harmony between mind and soul.


Studies have shown that people who lack strong relationships have the risk of premature death from all causes by 50% and people who are bound with healthy social relationships are happier and have a greater life expectancy. To be healthy it is not necessary to be loved but it is necessary to love. We should always try to spend quality time with our loved ones at least once a week. Also, a lack of healthy social relationship leads to depression and anxiety. Therefore, we should try to socialize in order to boost brain health and lower the risk of Dementia (loss of mental abilities).


The key to happiness is satisfaction and the key to satisfaction is gratitude. Sometimes people get jealous or envious by seeing others’ possessions, success and finance. Sometimes people compare themselves with others and get demotivated which leads to increased negativity in their behaviour and this prolonged condition leads to many psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, heart problems etc.

In order to overcome these problems, the role of expressing gratitude becomes important. We should be thankful to God who gave us family, friends, health, and every basic amenity to lead a satisfying life. We should always remember that how blessed we are because there are many people who don’t have family, friends t care, food to eat, and have other struggles in life.

A study published in 2017 found that expressing gratitude leads to fewer symptoms of physical illness, better sleep quality, boosts metabolism and long – term success in relationships.

Now I am concluding my words with the last few lines of STEVE JOBS (CO-FOUNDER OF APPLE INC.). On his death bed, he leaves behind the great message to the world. He emphasized that materialistic life of money, possessions would not give you satisfactory life. Money is also a basic necessity of life but greed for more and more money leads to mental problems and other issues. Luring for money and materialistic things gives nothing but it is an illusion which leads to stress and bad quality of life. The most important thing in life is health and social relations. We should live our life to the fullest and cherish others. We should always be grateful and live happily with what we have, so we will never regret it at the end of our life.

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