Have you ever lost someone? 

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I did. Unfortunately, it was me. Yes, I have lost myself. And believe me, that feeling was a hundred times worse than you ever will feel in hell. Because the fact is, we just believe that hell exists, but we actually sometimes have a desire for it.

Human beings are made with this nature of finding problems in every phase of their life. And if we are doing great in our lives, we just crawl our own selves down and try to blame ourselves even for every wrong word we have said, be it intentionally or unintentionally. And this is how we end up making our life, Hell.

We intentionally tend to make a very important phase of our life, suffer and struggle for even very tiny mistakes. Those mistakes do not even matter to us or to anyone! But, in that very phase, our brains stop working like an intelligent person and behaves like a spoiled child, who do not even listen to themselves and just act stubbornly. And, at this point it becomes very much necessary to come out of it, otherwise,  you will get trapped and end up detached totally from your own self.

Healing Is Tough

Image by 李磊瑜伽 from Pixabay 

Yes, Healing is tough and even tougher when you do not have anyone on your side. Understand this carefully, going through this phase, you detached your own self from yourself, and you are not even yours. Connected with this, if you have a caring partner, parents, or anyone, you will not have that power to think about them, as well. Because you are not yourself. You will think that you will not be able to come out from here. But, Remember, when you are detached from yourself, you are detached from everybody you love!

So, this is a war with your own personality! You have to fight it, on your own. Medicines or therapy can only help you when you desire and aim to help yourself. No other person, except for your own self, can teach and understand you in a better way. Yes, you get short of words and high on emotions, but once you change your vision, you will have a fresh start!

A Fresh Start

Most of us have misunderstood a fresh start. Something fresh does not mean that you have to cross death to start something new. Because we do not even know if we are going to get a new life or not. But at this present point, we know that we are alive, and we can start something fresh, even in the next 1 hour! Life is here until we are dead. Each of our breath deserves a chance to start over and improve so that when we come out of this difficult phase of criticizing ourselves on each point deeply and brutally, we can say proudly, "Yes I Did It! I came out of the toxic trap of our immature thoughts and illusions! and finally say, Yes, I have won myself!"

A New Life

So, from here you gotta start your new life. Now, it does mean to live like an innocent but stronger person, prove yourself right and see the positive and meaningful facts of yours. Look what you love to do, apart from what you pretended to love in your older phase. See above all your negativities and try not to repeat any wrong thing you have done before. You have given yourself a chance to get back to yourself and gain what you have lost. This includes your self-confidence, your self-respect, and self-esteem. You might feel some negative vibes because everything cannot just fly away, it takes time. But, just hold on and give yourself some time, do not rush. The day you will gain what you have lost, you are going to recognize some of the best features of yourself, and you should be proud of that. Now, You need to understand a few points deeply.

  1. Do not let overthinking scare you: Let your thoughts flow. Just know to believe in yourself and try to explain to yourself the fact that all these thoughts about the past are just nothing but overthinking. We have decided to improve everything that we did to its highest limit. and there is no turning back!
  2. Try to calm yourself down: Try to calm yourself and think that are these thoughts even worth thinking? Are these thoughts the real ones? Are we thinking with our conscious mind? The answer to all these above questions would always be NO! Because these thoughts just clouded over our minds and we are just insecure. The answer is very simple. Just say to your mind a simple NO!
  3. Do not run from your thoughts: See, if you will run from these thoughts, you will not be able to satisfy yourself ever! Just close your eyes and answer them in as positive a way as possible. No matter how you are feeling, know well that you would be feeling very negative about yourself at most points. But, you need to teach your heart that you are doing your best.
  4. Listen to motivational music: You need to make a separate playlist of your new songs. These songs can boost your mindful energy and increase your self-esteem. 
  5. Watch meaningful content: You need to make new adjustments to live a new life and to make it worth calling a new life. You must watch meaningful and mature content. These types of content make you learn new things, change your thinking and make you self-aware.
  6. Watch your present motions and actions: You should analyze your present motions and give mindful thought to your present and live actions. Feel and observe, what you are feeling, how you are feeling in real and what actually you are up to.

The reason to write these above thoughts of mine is to basically convey a simple message that " Life never stops and we must keep moving on because if you keep stuck at any point, no one is going to wait. Not even your breath, Not even your precious time, Not even your thoughts, and Not even your own self." So, if you are an intelligent person, learn from your past mistakes, and move on in order to never repeat them again. Try to improve them and learn to forgive yourself. 

Please Get Back to Your Own Self because You are your own medicine and the medicine of your loved ones. You will get back to them, only when you have the capability to reach your inner and true self. 

Improve yourself to the highest, and forgive yourself for the sake of your loved ones.

Thank You!

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