Source: Pixabay 

It's so vivid in my memory,
The first day I met you.
At that time I didn't know,
It's gonna hurt so much.
You were a pure and funny soul,
With a damn attractive aura.
Made me fall in love in no time.
Dreamt of staying with you forever,
Forgetting that relationships are mutual.
Everything remained a fantasy.
All my prayers went in vain.
I am blessed to be cursed,
Blessed to meet you...
Cursed to fall for you...
Reality hit me hard, made me lonely.
The only thing that hovers in my head,
I miss you and I love you...
Why do you have so many options?
When you are the only one for me.
Why do I love you so much,
With the broken pieces of my heart.
Seeing you with girls all around,
Made me jealous and insecure.
Why am I suffering so much,
When falling in love isn't a crime.
It's hard for me, to let you go.
Still living in a false faith,
Hoping you to run towards me.
Waiting for that someday,
Ended up with this unrequited love,
Which seems like my destiny now.

.    .    .