Source: Cottonbro from Pexels

Beginning with a white piece on the second row of the board is when you count down your moves until your victory without blunders. Every piece on the block of the board has a rank and power to hold its domination over the opponent's move but the victory sums up with the player whose mind chose to win. Chess is a very famous mind game that relies on the player's brain. Is that the only sport that requires thinking and mental stability? No, every sport needs a strong mindset before the physical adaptability of that particular game.

How would a person win if that person isn't mentally ready to play with all it has got? What might a runner be thinking when she's running with the best velocity? The dreams the runner grew up with when she chose to be an athlete, the struggle she came across everything that motivated her to win, all was captured in mind like a tape recorder. To pave a path for victory isn't possible until you don't have the right mindset to reach your goal.

Kobe Bryant one of the greatest basketball players invented a term called 'The Mamba mindset'. According to him, the mamba mindset means to be able to constantly try to best the best version of yourself. Passion, obsession, relentlessness, resiliency, and fearlessness are the keys for achieving the mamba mindset. No player in history could win without a proper shape of their mind, no matter how fit the player is and how athletic his personality might be.

Damian Lillard another inspirational basketball player, he's known for his calm and determined personality towards his game. Every team game generates anger in players' minds so does Damian Lillard but he uses his anger as his motive to win. There have been many intimidating players opposing him which could break anyone's concentration and confidence but in his case, he used it all as his power to score and he did it all the time. His calm and settled mind has always paved the way to his and his team's victory. He reminds me of Ms. Dhoni the iconic cricketer in India he's also known as the captain cool. He never lost control over his team he knew all right things to be done to maintain his anger wouldn't help but his calm mind and passion towards his game and team would bring him victory.

Mindset is the most important aspect of every sports person's victory. Many didn't hesitate to set examples. And if sports test your physical ability to play a game then a strong mindset is the only path towards winning it.

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