Love is all that makes the world go round and round, in my silence I hear a sound. Ah! Not the usual heartbeat, but to make sure it is love that is all I need. Talking about it, relationships and all that hype of it is a wonderful feeling falling for it, or the other way round, never fall for it, it hurts. An in-thing or a trend of being in a relationship or having a breakup is today’s mantra. I do not intend to leave my parents just because I had a fight last night. Trust and understanding are all that is needed. A sense of comfort and loyalty and yes, no matter what ‘Never give up on love’. Why ‘rethink”, it’s time to rebuild’. Does it mean that mistakes, weaknesses, shortcomings, and imperfections should be the cause of break ups? Relationships may be long-distant, but separation cannot be the reason to get away or escape. It causes misery and irreparable damages. Heart break is just a term, it breaks you down and life is not worth living.

Things are not just the same, the barriers man creates where small things turn up to be big issues later. A solution to every problem and precautions to resolve matters that are likely to arise in future can be of the ways to make up, not break up. Repairs can just hide or pile up the wounds instead, it is never going to do good. Songs on love and poems on break up is like the swing of life. Can life be made better with adjustments? Need not be compromising, it can be sacrificing not to please or hurt oneself or others. But rather a way of adapting, making oneself acceptable to the fact that persistent efforts to make the relationship work and the willingness of not saying it is enough has it all.

Respect is what stands firm in a relationship. A ship that sails amidst storms of life even if it must be drowning together, while sinking in deep sorrow or sailing in happy times. Undoubtedly, life is not so bad, as worries in life do not seem to end, a ray of hope with surprising and unexpected happenings works well. We can talk about the connection of the heart, the wavelength and compatibility, but to accept the other as they are, and respect differences are very rare. Do we need something in common to fall in love or a mirror-image to cuddle? The art of sensing things and knowing for sure that that is what is in store for me, and I am not chasing it, it just followed me.

Why live if there is no love? It means different things to different people, love for animals, love can be craving for food, addiction, intimacy, and an emotion to believe that it makes me feel happy at the end of the day. Is it possible to define love, lay down parameters or restrict the dictionary meaning of it? It is a feeling to be felt, not a word to be uttered without feeling the love of love. If it were not for love’s sake, love stories would have been made. It is the process of love in the making, the ultimate climax could be happy or sad. What matters is the special moment of experiencing that love when you give and receive. When it is not about any external factor coming in between and only the power of love that exists.

Nothing but love is all that one cannot deny nor keep away. So unexpectedly falling for someone or something, could be a person, place, ambition, or dream-a world where just the lover and beloved are. So, love me till the end, love me not for the namesake, but for the sake of love.

‘Coz anything but love-thing else matters!

.   .   .