The fact is about having joined the league of Singles is an exciting journey altogether.

There is a sense of filling the gaps, and not being complete. Numerous flings, no strings attached and yet, looking for the so called “perfect one”. Having come across folks who have passed the test, shortlisted, but haven’t made it to the Oscars! Trial and error, experiments and mistakes-that have made us learn, grow, regret and re-construct better ways of getting through.

It’s a lot more complicated now, juggling our priorities-home, work, family, friends, spiritual, social, and personal aspects of our lives. A meaningful breakthrough, spontaneous, surprisingly that says, “Yes! This is the moment I was waiting for”.

Mixed feelings that came across, had doubted whether it really was love, another dimension of it or just an attraction. Folks in and out of live, not matching your wavelength, lifestyle, age, culture et al. A long list of looking for an ideal one remains on the Schindler’s List. You can call it outdated or contemporary, but you can’t deny it has brought transformation in the levels of maturity in our lives.

I haven’t been able to identify the cause, results and loopholes that didn’t make it work. I just went with the flow and let destiny take control of it. Every time I felt it only happened to me, and everyone else including my friends have the best one and are happy. Things were just not right, the way I wanted them to be. It didn’t leave wounds or memories that wiped away with time. But knowingly or unknowingly falling in love was easy, getting out of it was a different ballgame altogether.

The first time is always cherished, pure, innocent and out of sheer ignorance. But the same thing again and again, it gets saturated and leaves room for being less sensitive to your feelings, doubt, less interest, and enthusiasm and above all, discontented with the fact a replacement is what might not work.

A movie named “Music & Lyrics” that inspired me with songs like “Way back into love”, and “Don’t write me off even yet” penned with beautiful melodious lyrics has touched my heart. Many a times, questions pop up when you’re eligible to get married. Folks filled with curiosity, the intrigue that’s never ending your type, dating, going out with which guy and ways to impress, propose, and all that stuff. It gets monotonous and looks like you need a companion and not just anyone. Pressure creeps in when you’re compelled to choose, even if it’s not the right time. A mental preparation is all I need, a lifetime commitment-well that comes later. Dating handsome hunks is the trend, but how many of them you can say yes and go out with.

Ups and downs of getting all excited, heartbroken, flattered, dumped is the cycle of the process. But to make sure it doesn’t get all jinxed up, it needs that spark, the one thing I can’t express, but you all know what I mean to say. Time is the best healer and getting occupied in work or any other activity is not the solution. We complain of being single, having no one to talk to, and all alone, depressed. But fail to realize the respect, trust, concern, and admiration of the way we are is far better than selfish love. It must be experienced, expressed, and shared.

Nothing takes place with planning in mind, it happens suddenly even when you’re not prepared. In love, we don’t think, it’s the way forward that brings all the parameters and boundaries defined in life.

It seems all hunky dory and then life is full of twist and turns. We perceive being single a stigma, it’s true we can’t deny the incompleteness within. But yes, proud to say to have been in the rivers of love for once in a lifetime, might have not lasted. Even waste is recycled, then why not start afresh and on the lines of “Fastrack-It’s time to move on”. Let’s fall in love again, as it’s devoid of selfishness and fear. Cheers to all those in and out of love, beginning to, moving on or still stuck to it! Not just for wishing A happy Valentine’s Day, but to have the strength and courage to say it all and re-live the beautiful moments of “Love Actually”! ...This time it’s not just a replacement, it’s accomplishment!

Truly, madly and deeply this covers love and commitment. I can now proudly say happy to be where my heart is, glad to be where the art is…the art of conversion. Be single and ready to mingle! Nothing is blissful when a lot can happen over coffee.

It’s not selfishness but self-care, not loneliness but a spark to be dare, it’s not being left out, it’s being single…and single to the fullest!

.   .   .