By Jaskaran (JK Photography) - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Democracy died with one amusing gasp,
Did you watch her burn?
Oh! It was a remarkable gathering,
The crowd swelled,
They Cheered on and clapped,
As her verses were dispelled.
Effigies were burnt of a bald, scrawny man,
Secularism and tolerance,
I could have sworn they were there,
I foraged for them everywhere,
They were later found dozing in a ditch,
Half shot, half-burnt, and muzzles sewed,
An unruffled mob then carried them to the gallows;
While not many eyes searched for a glimmer of hope,
Their neck and fate were fastened to a rope.
The vexed mob full of charm and grace,
Climbed the stage and talked apace,
With gleeful sincerity, their words resounding,
I must say that their platitude was indeed outstanding,
Such a firm grasp over the art of speaking,
They, If I may, are our politicians in the making.
Guilt and remorse were torn asunder,
While I saw faith bury sense five feet under,
Glib words from afar seemed to move the crowd, 
"Death to Democracy", they chanted aloud,
The symphony of chaos is so pure and sweet,
Was sordidly perceptible all over the street.
Order sank into chaos, and chaos into mayhem,
Amorphous disarray followed, I stood still,
Gaiety was palpable and bloodbath within reach,
The precipitating action turned out to be,
The question on the Freedom of Speech. 
The fraternity was dead as a doornail,
Couldn't scamper from its fate, could it?
Integrity entangled in a crossfire died the death it deserved,
Questioning people's honor?
It was getting on everyman's nerve.
The archaic system warranted massacre, and carnage there was,
Ballet of blood fostered by mayhem, 
Finest of pleasures breath can bestow,
If the voice of the people be heard, I believe,
Democracy should have died long ago.

.    .    .