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What is alcohol?

Is it medicine? Is it a memory fader? Is it a remedy?

It is a virus injected by the government to penalize the public in the form of tax by providing entertainment to the drinkers and frustration to their families.

Yes, readers. We know very well drinking alcohol is not good for our health. It will cause various diseases. In spite of being educated, people tend to drink. Doctors advise drinking is not at all good for health. It damages lungs, lever, kidneys, etc. It creates various diseases. If so, my question is why innocent people who are not exposed to drinking are getting dangerous diseases like cancer.

Why can't the government ban it?

My question here is to the government. If any product is causing so much trouble to society do we really need it in the system? In spite of knowing alcohol is harmful, why do we need to spend so much on advertisements? Is the awareness required for a product that will take the life of many? Are we really going to develop only by the tax money we receive on liquors?


When it comes to drinking in front of each bar we could see a major queue. Why don't we have a limit to drink? The person should drink till he falls down! Till he vomits on the road! Till someone lifts him carry him home? Till his wife and his family should lose all money and become bankrupt, does a person need to really drink? The government knows unique ways to control even through radar. When the impact of alcohol is so bad why not for it? Let's transform.

My opinion

To become unhealthy it's not the question are we alcoholics? The point is -what do we really like? What gives us peace? Are we in control? Yes, readers. I have seen ex-army people drinking alcohol yet most disciplined. I do have friends doctors by profession behaving weirdly after consuming alcohol. I have seen especially the elders who like to consume alcohol daily yet live long. 1 point to be remembered. Any of the medicines we take when we are sick have alcohol in them. The elders found this point and started consuming alcohol limitedly every day to keep their bodies warm. Eventually, it helped human beings to live long. Any person who consumes alcohol limitedly and believes in fun and health of course will live long. The doctors who advise not to drink will jump to drink occasionally and go crazy with their behavior. Many of the youngsters earn well and spend well and alcohol. My dear youngsters according to my research I would say consuming alcohol is not at all a bad thing. The quantity consumed on daily basis varies high that is the problem. The people who live in Chikmagalur, Coorg, Kerala, Jammu, and Kashmir I prone to drink alcohol because of the climate. They do give more physical work to their body.

So Drink limitedly.
Stay away from diseases.
Keep your body warm!

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