When do we need hospital? Who is a doctor?

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay 

When a person is down with any disease, meets with an accident which cant be cured at home, then definitely require Hospital. Everyone feels doctors are the real God who assist and help us to cure or transform from the current bad situation.

How is the current situation?

Any patient should go to the hospital and stand in a queue to get an admission. As soon as the patient reaches the hospital, the treatment process begins with an admission followed Initial check-up of the body by conducting various tests hours together. By the time the real treatment begins,after receiving the report the patient will swallow all the pain and with the basic treatment even before diagnosing the disease in detail the patient will end up with list of additional unknown diseases. That too during weekends doctors are not available.

If a person meets with an accident public is scared to help too. Even in emergency ward the treatments are not quick most of the times.

The health insurance is linked with the admission. This procedure is carried out in majority of the big hospitals. So rather than having positive hopes nowadays majority of the people are scared to visit big hospitals.

What needs to be done

Emergency wards should have high end instruments, expert doctors, nurses and the treatment should be faster with 24/7 environment . The patient shouldnt wait. Let us have more doctors with a bigger space to treat multiple patients. Rather than insurance along with savings account, a health insurance card with minimum coverage should be allotted to public. It should work as smart health cards. Once the treatment is over they should be able to pay with a single swipe option. Public should have an option to top up based on their capability. The medicines should follow janaushad schemes. In private hospitals the medicines are sold at much higher rates. This will affect mid and backward classes to larger extent. As soon as the patient enters hospitals including weekends doctors should be available to treat patients. The public should be able to download mobile app and fix their appointments in advance. This saves lot of time in admission. The unnecessary tests should be avoided. The doctors should talk to the patients with love and care which is mainly missing these days. Rather than running behind money and providing treatments without diagnoising the disease doctors should motivate patients with kind words, politely and suggest correct medicines with less cost. The hospital owners shouldn't pressurise doctors, staff and tie-up with medical stores to increase profit instead should see their family members in each patient and try to save lives.

How is it interrelated and corrupted?

To get a medical seat high amount to be paid. With money, anybody can become doctor. Where are we heading with this scam? Once the hospital is started at a high budget all rates like room, inspection are high. Are we penalising patients with bigger speciality hospitals? Doctors need to make a profit to the hospitals. If the agreement is signed at the time of joining does this allow him to provide good service to the patient? Or take lives of the patient to reach his defined targets by the management? Time to think and transform

What's essential?

I wish we should definitely bring a huge change in our current healthcare system and give good treatment to patients on time. Let hospital management have humanity and hire such talented, like-minded doctors and staff to bring a revolution with good hope. Let public fear fade away and transform with positivity to visit real-life savers.

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