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Benefits of Nature:

Nature is essential for various reasons. Trees provide us with rich oxygen and help us to breathe. Trees provide us with rich vitamin-based fruits and help us to stay healthy. Trees provide us shade and shelter when we get tired and required. Many tree roots, leaves, seeds, stems, and herbs are used as medicines for various diseases to get timely healing for us. With good nature, we can expect good rain, avoid soil erosion, etc. Yes, it's useful for humans in many ways. What responsibility do we hold in saving the real boon of our life?

The cruelty of human beings

In return for multiple benefits, we ditched nature being weird and cruel. Aren't we? Yes, we are being selfish, for our desires and greed in the name of "modernization", we build the tag of "Development". With political influences, we encroached on various kinds of reserved forests. We built beautiful bungalows, apartments, villas, etc. where we don't see real peace and happiness with limited family members. We found types of machinery to do all household work and went to creating nature parks to walk and burn our fat? Money overruled everything and from A khata to Panchayat Khata, Green belt, yellow belt all zoned land started getting converted to upper limits and slowly faded. Isn't it time for us to think?

What are we doing?

We want to constantly grow and think of growing trees on June 5th yearly once. Environment day has to come to identify people like Saalu Marada Thimmakka and plant a tree and forget for the rest. When an NRI travels, purchases land, and protects forest knowing its value we oppose and file a case against him. Neither we take responsibility nor allow someone to act when the situation is getting worse too. Isn't it ironic?

What are we supposed to do?

We need to take a step in our busy schedule and start farming, planting, and imbibe that culture to our kids and younger generation rather than taking them often to malls and restaurants and teaching them how to lose money? Every home should become a self-teaching center of the value of nature for the next generation. A small initiative may create a huge impact on society in preserving and building the nature for future.


Modernization will give us luxuries but very soon we face the huge transition of the scarcity of air, water, and food which are the basics of life. The scarcity of supply may lead to death. The soil erosion is unstoppable hence heavy rain causes an overflow of water which leads to floods. Without nature, survival is not easy. Hence let's join hands to save nature, Let's create awareness among younger generations and walk towards preserving it and building it more and more. To inhale and exhale air is essential. If we don't realize its value, we will be held responsible for our next breath. Hence let's act from now on to save and build nature.

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