Source: Sammy Williams on Unsplash

The  baby, without seeing the world, was crying in the womb!
The father, tried his best to be courageous, hearing the loud noise of bomb!
The mother was supporting the fight, digesting the fact family members, has to be in the tomb!
No one dreamt of War which shattered everyone and everything here and there!
Just one beautiful life, why non violence is too far?

When the move of opponent was perplex
The desire of survival was really complex
When the missile hit the ground hell and heaven were unknown
When the lives lost one by one rich or poor was not seen
When great trust and relationships were earned over years!
How come suddenly the gap bumped up the anger to destroy the known in seconds!

The married couple had high dreams
The children had set of defined goals
The soldiers, rescue team had their own families and pals
While screaming in concluding last few breaths
The life history flown in front of eyes being helpless
The Unity in strength over took the religion caste
The Patriotism for the nation concealed the pain over sacrifice
When the bodies in front of eyes were cut into pieces
Why no one came forward to stop the war and bring peace?

Little bit of compromise would not have been let the ground in ashes
Too late: when things are not really under control: its waste, even if it flashes
It may take ages to come back to normal and see growth
Wasnt it known considering the historical incidents while taking an oath
Many innocents lost life with a hasty decision
Many became handicapped we being the reason
Whether someone supports or pretends can't stop reality
Why none thought before commencing the war the nuclear will clear all and make it dirty?

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