Image by Anil sharma from Pixabay 

Lots have been learnt by us from using black Slate to Powerful presentations!

Let's thank all our teaching Gurus for the lovely and beautiful transformations!
From exercise to bodybuilding, yoga we excelled a lot!
Kudos to physical trainers as physical fitness is well thought!
The punctuality, discipline was carried well throughout our Academics!
The fear of punishments alarmed us to implement well in life, such principles!
All our hidden talents were unknowingly pulled out like a catapult!
Sling of morale boosted us to set defined goals using such talents forever upfront!
The power of accepting winning and losing equally was defined well in childhood!
It helped to handle challenges throughout journey with balanced state of mind!
Teachings helped us to gain knowledge and be creative in building our future!
Lets Salute to the highly patient gurus for tolerating us while being mischievous in nature!

.    .    .